Dead Cells: Flawless victory Trophy – Defeat Conjunctivius


In this guide, we’ll clarify how you can crush the manager Conjunctivius in Dead Cells. In the event that you have crushed him, the accompanying trophy/accomplishment anticipates you:

Perfect triumph.

You beat “Conjunctivius” without enduring a solitary shot!

Beneath you will discover everything about this guide, do you have issues with different trophies errands particle Dead Cells? Snap here for our trophy direct.

Dead Cells – Flawless Victory Trophy/Achievement Guide

This seems to be one of the hardest trophies in the game, but it has the same flaws as every other element.


Why the fight is so hard we explain to you, there are two things. The first is the boss will rarely get hit by turrets and the tentacles adds are extremely difficult to handle flawlessly. From there, the laser spam attack relies heavily on luck to dodge, so even if you do everything else right, that can still get you.

As for build, you want something to slow it down, ideally poison damage and invest heavily in damage boosting skills. Tactics is better if you have good turrets and ice bow, otherwise brutality will give you the grenades needed to trivialize the boss. Outside of that, anything that boosts damage will be invaluable, as this is a burn or fail boss.

Special thkans to Admiral Vic, who made this video guide!

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