Fortnite Chapter 2: Hide inside Hideouts in different matches


Fortnite Chapter 2 has opened a totally new guide, giving it new places and difficulties. One of the present difficulties requires the accompanying from you:

Cover up inside Hideouts in various matches – Fortnite Chapter 2 Open Water

Hide inside Hideouts in different matches

Hideouts are a new feature in Fortnite Chapter 2 that were added to help players hide from enemies and then suddenly spring out of a hiding place. Two such hiding places are hay stacks and dumpsters which are both shown in the video below.


Hiding places are for example haystacks or garbage cans, these can be found everywhere on the map. Trash cans can be found in every city and haystacks can be found in fields.

  1. Frenzy Farm, in a haystack
  2. Retail Row, in a trash can
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