Destiny 2: Ascendant Challenge Week 29 Guide


Ascendant Challenge Week 29 (March 19, 2019).

Instructions to Complete an Ascendant Challenge This Week.

Full Clear, Bay of Drowned Wishes Corrupted Eggs and Ahamkara Bones.

To do the Ascendant Challenge, you first need a “Tincture of Queensfoil”. These come as irregular drops from any chest in the Dreaming City.

Ascendant Challenge Week 29

Head to Bay of Drowned Wishes which is the Lost Sector in Divialian Mists. You discover the entrance in the lost part, where is the live with the chief. The Ascendant Challenge is essentially only an immense drop down with loads of hopping. Once there, slaughter the two wizards to finish the test.


Deal with the eggs and legend thing into their own segments as certain individuals may have just got the legend thing and just need the eggs. Figured it’d be simpler to look through that way, regardless of whether there is some backtracking included. I’ve likewise refreshed this video from earlier weeks to give somewhat more clearness and show that the bounces should be possible on all classes.

00:00 – 03:03 – Ascendant Challenge Location + Solo Clear
03:03 – 05:20 – All 3 Corrupted Egg Locations
05:20 – Lore Item Location (Marasenna #8 “Cosmogyre IV”)

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