Division 2 Roosevelt Island Secret Owl Room – All Locations


In “The Division 2” there is a concealed owl room. So as to open the mystery owls room you need to do a few things, including discovering 7 owls. In this guide we need to disclose to you how you can open this mystery room.

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All Owls Locations in The Division 2

First of all, you have to unlock World Tier 5 and wait for an invasion of Roosevelt Island! There are a total of 7 owls hidden on Roosevelt Island and a candle in front of each owl. You have to light these candles in a certain order. Before the owls are available, you must first defeat the final boss.

So you have defeated all opponents (Black Tusks) including bosses, you can search the owls and unlock the secret room!

The following order should be noted when you light the candles:


5 – 7 – 2 – 6 – 1 – 3 – 4

  • Owl 1: 1376×0729 mission start
  • Owl 2: 1586×0593 mushroom farm
  • Owl 3: 1822×0315 dead deer
  • Owl 4: 1871×0570 shanty town
  • Owl 5: 1651×0569 area behind Emeline Shaw’s room
  • Owl 6: 1697×0599 generator
  • Owl 7: 1539×0763 swamp


Once you have found all the owls and lit the candles in the right order, the hidden door opens and you receive a secret voice message.

The message tells the “Morovian Society” that “their plans have started”. It is believed that this company is one of the secrets of The Division 2.


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