Destiny 2: Forge Saboteur Locations


Predetermination 2 Black Armory – All 4 Forge Saboteur Locations on EDZ. Nessus Patrol, Black Armory Early Weapon Drop and Triumphs “EDZ Saboteurs Elimination” and “Nessus Saboteurs Elimination”.

There are 2 triumphs related with vanquishing these adversaries at their 4 areas, and an assortment of Black Armory weapons can drop right on time from killing these. The brings forth appear to be in set areas. Their areas are likewise recorded on the triumph so it’s not hard to discover, yet for the individuals who wish to see them here’s a brisk video demonstrating each of the 4, alongside a Black Armory weapon drop.


There’s 3 individual foes: Arakis-12, Forge Saboteur, Field Commander Kuskan, Forge Saboteur and Proto-Sentinel Galedrix, Forge Saboteur. Field Commander Kuskan shows up on both EDZ and Nessus.


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