Fallout 76: Bobbleheads Locations and Buffs


The Bobbleheads in Fallout 76 are not quite the same as those of other Fallout games. The Bobbleheads are don’t give a lasting buff any longer, rather you convey them in the stock, with a long cooldown.

Additionally, the areas where you can see the Bobbleheads appear as changed, contingent upon the server, the areas may vary.

You can discover a diagram of all trophies here, further arrangements and advisers for Fallout 76 can be found on our outline page.

Bobbleheads Locations, Values and Effect

There are a a lot of Bobbleheads collectibles hidden in the game, in addition to the buffs you get, some trophies / achievements are waiting for you. You will receive two trophies when you find your first Bobblehead and when you have collected 10.

Bobbleheads in Fallout 76 no longer spawn at a set location each time. Instead they are randomized across a set number of locations. The known locations are listed down below.

Ain’t He the Cutest? trophy
Collect a Bobblehead

Shwag trophy
Collect 10 Bobbleheads



Bobbleheads Locations

Location Location description
Tyler County fairgrounds In the room with three Hoop Shots, on a token dispenser
Ranger Lookout on the desk
Morgantown Airport  ?
Wavy Willard’s Water Park At the top of the alligator ride, inside the mouth and on a table.
Greg’s Mine Supply On the second floor of the mine supply, on a desk to the left of Greg’s terminal.
Horizon’s Rest In the airliner’s cockpit.
Wavy Willard’s Water Park In a locker in the changing rooms
Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06 On the roof of the plant at the end of the highest scaffolding
Black Bear Lounge Go into the house and then down to the basement


Bobbleheads Stats / Buffs

Bobblehead Buff Duration
Agility +2 Agility 1 hour
Big Guns +20% damage with heavy guns. 1 hour
Caps Twice as likely to find better cap stashes. 1 hour
Charisma +2 Charisma 1 hour
Endurance +2 Endurance 1 hour
Energy Weapons +20% damage with energy guns. 1 hour
Intelligence +2 Intelligence 1 hour
Leader +5% extra experience 1 hour
Lock Pick +30% larger sweet pot when lock picking. 1 hour
Luck +2 Luck 1 hour
Melee +20% damage with melee weapons 1 hour
Repair +30% Fusion Core regeneration 1 hour
Small Guns +20% damage with ballistic guns 1 hour
Strength +2 Strength 1 hour
Unarmed +25% damage to unarmed attacks. 1 hour
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