Prey Review (PS4)


Prey is another extraordinary section in the sci-fi shooter sort with a story that handles some dim analyses turned out badly while you need to make due through the bad dream of its outcome. While the story isn’t actually something that offers a new point of view on sci-fi frightfulness, it is executed splendidly and together with the interactivity, gives an encounter that shouldn’t be missed by the individuals who delighted in a portion of the clique works of art like Bioshock and System Shock.

Prey starts with you assuming responsibility for a researcher, either a male or female relying upon your decision. There is no customization alternative for the client character here despite the fact that it isn’t care for there was requirement for one here. The game has a superb opening section that pits you in the shoe of Morgan Yu or his female partner, who is attempting to prepare for an exploration group that is set to work for TranStar on Talos I. This is a completely operational research lab that circles around the Earth’s moon and it was created to shield the Earth against assaults from Alien species called the Typhon.

Prey is set in a fascinating elective timetable where the USA president John F. Kennedy has made due from his death endeavor and moves in the direction of quickening the USA Space program prompting progress in the Space Race. The Earth is then assaulted by an Alien species called Typhon who can shape move and change into different structures. They are caught by the USA and afterward taken to Talos 1 for trial reason. Anyway the USA is compelled to surrender this station after a horrible mishap happens to the researcher taking a shot at the station. Talos 1 is obtained by TranStar in 2025 who intend to utilize the information on the Typon to make a lot of hereditarily improved Neuromods for the Humans.

The game starts with such a trial where the principle character Morgan Yu is approached to play out his day by day schedule tests that are expected to set him up for his work on Talos 1. Anyway during his tests, the researchers are assaulted by a Typhon prompting an episode while Morgan gets took out. As the story unfurls, it before long turns out that things are not what the may appear in the beginning and the story leads into a lot of shock exciting bends in the road as the fundamental reason for Talos 1 and its examinations are uncovered.


Prey is a complete reboot and re-imaging of the original Prey which was another science fiction based first person shooter. It was released back in 2006 and a sequel was also planned for it, but it was sadly cancelled in 2013 leading to the current Prey reboot. While this Prey reboot aims to be a spiritual successor to System Shock 2, it carries the Prey IP mostly in name only and has nothing to do with its predecessors. This might be a good or bad thing depending on how much you are a fan of the original Prey.

The game features several inter-connected semi-open sections that are open to exploration for the player. You will be able to explore the whole Talos 1 including the outside of the station in the game while unlocking new abilities, discovering weapons and uncovering the secrets of the station. The world of Talos 1 is not exactly ideal to explore thanks to the Alien infestation and make no mistake, these Aliens are faster and efficient in killing the Humans making for a serious threat.

I was not a fan of the combat presented in the game, mainly because of the fast moving nature of the enemies that make it difficult to hit them, not to mention there was an input lag issue on the PS4 that makes it hard to aim. While the combat can be avoided for the most part, as you run away from enemy encounters, exploring Talos 1 is a rewarding process. The game offers full freedom in exploration and the hand-holding is kept at a minimum, which means it is easy to get lost in the game.

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