Danganronpa 1-2 Reload Review (PS4)


Danganronpa has a lot of history considering its ascent to ubiquity once it was restricted, to how it accomplished a faction status after initially discharging as a select in Japan. The game was commended for its exciting story brimming with turns and the utilization of Ace Attorney styled examination and preliminary framework that enabled the players to introduce proof and certainties to locate the genuine guilty party in the background.

Danganronpa 1-2 Reload is a re-arrival of the initial two Danganronpa games for the PS4. This is likewise the first run through the arrangement has advanced toward the PS4 in front of the dispatch of Danganronpa 3. This re-discharge is neither a remaster, nor a redo, as affirmed by NISA. It is a basic port of the first two games that were confined and discharged for the PS Vita. In that sense, there isn’t quite a bit of progress here beside higher goals and the way that this joins the two games into one bundle.

If you have never played any of the past Danganronpa games then you are in for a treat because the first experience with these games is memorable and will be remembered for a long time. Unfortunately since I have already played these games, all the twists and surprises were spoiled for me, nevertheless, it was great to visit Hope Peak’s academy again on the bigger screen and having to revisit some of the familiar scenarios and classic characters revoked some nostalgic memories.


Danganronpa is a murder mystery at its core but it is supplemented by a writing that not only adds humor but creates a sense of tension during some of the key moments. The best part of the game is arguably its great support cast that slowly begins to grow to the players. There are more than enough characters here that throughout the course of the games, we will have a couple of favorites and personally speaking, getting attached to a character makes the experience more memorable as we are now more invested in what happens with them.

The game’s story is set in a school called Hope’s Peak Academy which features the titular character, Monokuma. This half white and half black mechanical bear is the main character that makes or breaks the game. He also has a mystery behind it that will take the players through a journey full of surprising twists and betrayals. Describing the story of the game is hard without spoiling some of the key moments however it is important to mention that while the entirety of the first game is set in a single location, which is the academy, it slowly begins to open up as we progress leading to more locations to explore.

While Danganronpa 1 is entirely set in the Hope’s Peak Academy, the developers have changed things a bit with the release of Danganronpa 2, which takes place on a remote island at an unknown location. The story premise for Danganronpa 2 remains the same with the return of some fan favorite characters. Monokuma also gets a sidekick with a female version of Monokuma called Monomi. These two characters attempt to spice things up a little so that the game doesn’t feel repetitive after playing the original.

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