Persona 5: Best Early Game Personas To Capture


Persona 5 have huge amounts of various Personas that will help you all through the game. The early pieces of the game can be hard for certain players, as they don’t have numerous Personas toward the beginning.

This guide will assist you with recognizing and catch the best Personas for the early pieces of the game. The early game personas won’t be as solid as the Personas you will get at the later phases of the game.

Best Early Game Personas In Persona 5:

The early game can be hard for some players, as they do not have many powerful Personas that can easily win them battles. At the early stages of the game, players will have to make the most of the Personas they have captured, however, their are a few Personas that can be very helpful at the early stages of the game.


Obariyon might not look like the strongest Persona for the early game, but he has a few ability that can come in handy. His Snap attack can be quite useful, as well as the attack that decreases an enemy’s accuracy and evasion. However, the main reason Obariyon is so good at the early game, is due to his attack called Lucky Punch. Lucky Punch does not deal a lot of damage, however, it has a high chance of landing a critical attack. This ability can win you battles and is very useful at the early stages of the game.



Andras is a very useful Persona at the early stages of the game. You can get him at Level 10, but the ability that you need him for comes at Level 14. When Andras reaches level 14, he learns the ability called Apt Pupil. This ability increases the chances of dealing a critical hit. The ability is a passive, so you won’t have to do anything to activate it.

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