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Are you actively playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 4? If you are, no doubt you have been killed times by Specialist abilities that vary from the grenade that was customary, to the seeker drone that electrifies you to get a good few seconds.

These Experts, while add individuality has become an issue due to the continuous spam of ultimates, skills and scorestreaks littering the game. In Black Ops 3, Experts may select and use one”ultimate” capacity which was it. In Black Ops 4, the same ultimates seem to recharge faster, and are now accompanied by an ability, therefore adding to the chaos to each match.

It is no wonder today that the community on Reddit, as well as Call of Duty YouTubers, are voicing on how overwhelming Professional skills are, and how most deaths come from these skills instead of, y’understand, real firearms.

Though some have voiced out for a”classic” (read: no Specialist) playlist, perhaps that is not even needed at all. If Treyarch can fine tune some Professional skills work, this new playlist that was traditional may not be needed at all. Heck, even individuals from the community have doled out hints on how the Experts can be balanced better.


We Won’t See Specialist-Free Playlists and Modes

So, are people getting a style soon? I doubt it and here’s why.

Consider it this way: then Treyarch can just kill it and call it a day, if nobody plays the Specialist-free manner. However, what if it proves to be popular? What if the core game styles and playlists suffer since more people want to play with the style of Call of Duty? Not only will their particular player base be fractured by Treyarch, but it’ll make the studio look bad since it will clearly show that they have lost contact with their player base.

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