The Loot Lake arch is appearing on screens in Fortnite Season 2


Exactly when you imagined that the Loot Lake Vault couldn’t hurt us any longer, it starts to show up on screens in Season 2 areas.

The ties between Fortnite Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 are free, however they’re there. It’s difficult to integrate the two sections, however a check out the guide gives you that these parts are some way or another associated.


The most clear association is likely at Steamy Stacks and the Kevolution Energy plant. There’s a little statue of Kevin the Cube alongside a type of purple fluid that is by all accounts a result of our old amigo.

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This isn’t the main relationship, obviously, and more are getting uncovered as Chapter 2 moves along. We can accept that we’ll get a total review sooner or later, yet we can just follow pieces of information, at this moment.

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On a portion of the screens at The Shark and The Yacht, you can see a black out, blue circle that has all the earmarks of being the Loot Lake vault from Chapter 1.

Somebody from Chapter 2 is getting to data from Chapter 1. It could even be a character who has been working in the background the whole time – conceivably the Chaos Agent.

By means of: u/Koooooomar

This bit of proof attracts my brain legitimately to the new incubates that have produced around The Agency. This focal area shares a great deal for all intents and purpose with Loot Lake, and the association between the two is developing nearer.

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Imagine a scenario in which this is a picture of a structure under The Agency. Would we be able to be seeing the occasions from Chapter 2 happen along these lines to the last section? This revelation prompts such huge numbers of inquiries.

Could the lake around The Agency be an entry to the Chapter 1 guide? Could these trapdoors be the primary phase of revealing this association? What else do these two universes share for all intents and purpose? The truth will surface eventually.

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