Hyper Scape 0.3 Update (July 13-14, 2020) Patch Notes

Hyper Scape 0.3 Update (July 13-14, 2020) Patch Notes

Hyper Scape 0.3 Update (July 13-14, 2020) Patch Notes

The most recent Hyper Scapeupgrade patch notes for July 12-13, 2020 are currently prepared for gamers to read. Together with Ubisoft’s new battle royale sport currently available through open beta sign-ups, there will undoubtedly be a flood of new faces trying their hands in this quick and frenetic spin on this genre. Whether you are new to the sport, or even a Technical Test veteran, make sure you go theHyper Scape patch notes to know about the hottest fans, nerfs, along with other modifications to the match.

Hyper Scape 0.3 Update Patch Notes | Highlights


The Harpy is a fresh new SMG that can do large amounts of damage. It’s a speed, although a magazine dimension. This weapon will be fatal in the hands of the ones that close the gap and may flank.

The Shockwave hack triggers a ranged shockwave that divides against players. Its function permits you propel yourself and to target in the ground. Shockwave cools down using a cooldown of four moments at fusion.

The Crown Rush Solo Mode was added to the match. This resembles the Crown Rush manner, but with each player fighting. It promises to become hectic in those moments as you attempt shield and to capture the Crown!

The Hyper Scape 0.3 upgrade patch notes detail a considerable nerf which should shake the meta once it comes to strongest weapons. The Salvo has its proximity detonation radius decreased to 0.7R, down from 0.9R.

Hyper Scape 0.3 Update Patch Notes | Total list



A lot of you requested here is the very first one, when we’d launch new weapons: The Harpy is an SMG effective at performing damage . It’s a magazine in fusion degree but a speed that is reload. Like for additional weapons it increases ammo capability with an excess harm and every mix .

The Harpy is meant to be a quick weapon, with no spread punishment for sprint/jump.



Detailed changes:

  • Proximity detonation radius decreased to 0.7R, down from 0.9R

The change on harm from patch 0.2 (published during our Tech Test) revealed positive results but the Salvo remains too dominant in near combat/indoor scenarios. Even though the aim for this weapon would be always to be simple to use, we think it’s presently overused in arbitrary carpet-bombing methods.

The detonation radius is going to be reduced to create the projectiles laborious in close quarter battle. This shift will be monitored by us closely.



With this patch, we present a Hack: The Shockwave. This Hack permits you to activate a ranged AoE shockwave which will inspire players. New chances open, although the Shockwave does a little harm, less than Slam. If you plan at your toes Additionally, it supplies a capacity, you will be sent flying into the atmosphere. Fusion will reduce its cooldown and fusion that is complete will add damage.

Shockwave is the Hack using a Cooldown of all 4s at fusion.



A Game Event was inserted throughout the Crowncast Extension: The Haste Event for Twitch Viewers. Once selected by audiences it will raise Contenders’ rate for a short time. It’s cumulative with another rate increase provided by Melee or some other skill and will impact Echoed Players too.

Haste is Viewers-exclusive: It may only be selected by people which are viewing the game together with the Crowncast expansion.


Detailed changes:

  • Low Gravity Sport Event duration decreased to 35sdown from 50s

Low Gravity was rather popular with Viewers (maybe less so for Streamers) and generated several unexpectedly epic in-air battle minutes. As with all things, moderation is essential. As we add new Game Occasions into the match spinning (such as we’re doing with Haste), Low Gravity will obviously come less often. However, we believe its existing duration is somewhat long and we have determined to decrease it for today, until more Game Events are additional.

Remember however that this Sport Event is Viewers-exclusive: Low Gravity may only happen when a couple of Streamers Exist in your game (or you are a Streamer yourself and your audiences like to see one fly

Hyper Scape 0.3 Update (July 13-14, 2020) Patch Notes
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