Empire Earth PC Game Free version Download

Empire Earth PC Game Free version Download

Empire Earth PC Game Free version Download

Empire Earth PC Game Free version Download

Empire Earth Overview

Empire Earth resembles the Age of Empires structure in it is a history-based continuous Strategy Game. Empire Earth uses 3D layouts instead of sprites such as the Age of Empires II, the identical game there. The game itself contains a number of creative and remarkable highlights, such as a”fix” frame, which officially affects singular unit insights.

Additionally, it welcomes a”legend” framework. Saints could be worked in the town capital or place. There are two kinds of saints, Strategist legends that fix encompassing units and may dampen foe units while Warrior legends provide a fix to surrounding components and have a much more notable assault power. In the last, the participant has the option of creating their own advancement with intriguing rewards. Empire Earth includes a manual manager included.

Ages will be the ages a Participant goes through in Empire Earth. Every one of those ages speaks to era inside history. Every era brings new improvements and components. Age headway demands additional structures to be manufactured as well as the costs of propelling increments as more ages have been realized, regardless of the fact that the capability to construct the essential assets tremendously increments also.

With fresh ages, some brand new units are available at The cost of surrendering the capability to make aged components, nevertheless, any previous units alive are retained. The ages in Empire Earth would be the Prehistoric Age, the Stone Age, the Copper Age, the Bronze era, the Dark Age, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Imperial Age, the Industrial Age, the Atomic World War I era, the Atomic World War II Age, the Atomic Modern Age, the Digital Age, along with the Nano Age. An Extra era, the Space Age, is available in Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest.

A Couple of unique units are available in each era, every being delivered in another arrangement. A couple of units, as an instance, the infantry are available in each and every era and can be created in the Barracks. Various units, by way of instance, bowmen are available from the Stone age to the Renaissance and are created at Archery Ranges. Horsemen are available in the Copper Age to the Industrial Age and are created at Stables.

Attack Weapons, by way of instance, slings are delivered in Siege Factories, they’re available starting from the Bronze Age until the Dark Ages and are afterward subbed from the trebuchet from the Middle Ages throughout the Renaissance, at long been supplanted by firearms in the Imperial Age. From the Atomic Age-WW1 era, some new constructions are made available to the participant, by way of instance, Airports, Tank Factories, and Naval Yards where specific airplanes, tanks, and submarines, so on., could be sent. From the Digital era, Cyber Factories and Laboratories are available and can provide a lot of sorts of mechs, that can be called Cybers in Empire Earth.

In Precisely the Same manner as other constant methodology matches, There are improvements accessible to enhance a participant’s progress. Innovations to enhance cultivating can be analyzed in the storehouse. Wellbeing related inventions could be asked about in an emergency clinic. Advances inquired about in the emergency clinic enhance the strike concentrates, rate, and attack of a progress’ inhabitants, a health clinic’s regaining speed and conduct, or the people limit. Training overhauls are observed at the school, which may protect units from being transformed over. Monetary upgrades are observed from the town neighborhood or legislative center. These overhauls will construct the pace at which resources are collected.

Following the Prehistoric Age, components, by Way of Example, Maritime units could be constructed. Appeared here areGalley (left center), Frigate (lower center), Battleship (top), and Cruiser (upper center) that are the basic ships until galleys are supplanted by submarines from the Modern Age. Cruisers are available since the Industrial Age.


Empire Earth has 21 human progress, (with just two Additional ones at The Art of Conquest). Developments are foreordained in scenarios, yet chosen by the player shortly after the beginning of random guide matches. Likewise, civic institutions may be drawn up from the participant throughout the principle menu or at the manual editorial supervisor. Every individual advancement has a couple of benefits, by way of instance, accelerate or diminished cost to get a type of unit. Any individual advancement can be performed at any age nevertheless may be great in ages which use units which it’s benefits for. In scenarios, the participant gets”civ targets” for completing different missions. Coming up next are the available civic institutions, assembled into their proposed ages.

Except for the Innovative Novaya Russia and Rebel Forces, all of the civic institutions in Empire Earth rely on the background. In the Prehistoric to Dark Ages, the civic institutions are Ancient Greece, Assyrian Empire, Babylon, Byzantine Rome, Carthage, and the Kingdom of Israel. From the Middle Ages to the Industrial Age Austria, England, Franks, Kingdom of Italy, the Ottoman Empire, and Spain are available. From the Atomic Age to Modern events France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Russia, and America are playable, also out of Digital Age to Space Age China, Novaya Russia, along with Rebel Forces are all playable. Japan and Korea have comprised the Art of Conquest expansion and also have a place at the”Computerized Age to Space Age” gathering.

Multiplayer comprises Of on the internet and system play up to 8 people at precisely the exact same moment. The sport is Vital warfare between either side, except if discretion is included. Until November 2008, multiplayer continuing interaction has been Played on the official Sierra servers, nevertheless, these were shut someplace Around Activision that had bought the organization. Regardless, Gamers can, in any circumstance, play on the internet by associating legally to the IP address of this game server, gave the firewall of this host has Vents 33334-33336 sent.

Features Of Empire Earth

  • It Is An Awesome Strategy Video Game.
  • You Got 14 Different Epochs.
  • You Can Battle On Land, Air, And Sea.
  • Got Enlist Great Historical World Heroes.
  • You Can Enhance Your Military Abilities.
  • Stunning Graphics And Visual Effect.

System Requirements


  • CPU Pentium 4 or Athlon XP
  • RAM 256 MB
  • OS Windows 98/ME/2000/XP (NT & 95 not supported
  • Graphics 64 MB 3D DirectX 9.0c compatible video card with Hardware T & L and Pixel Shader support (NVIDIA GeForce 3+, ATI Radeon 8500+)
  • Hard Drive 5 GB


  • CPU Pentium 4 or Athlon XP
  • RAM 512 MB
  • OS Windows XP
  • Graphics 128 MB 3D DirectX 9.0c compliant video card with Hardware T & L and Pixel Shader support (NVIDIA GeForce 4+)
  • Hard Drive 5 GB

How To Download Empire Earth

1. Click on the “Download Game” button.
2. Download “Empire Earth” Installer (Supports Resumable Downloads).
3. Open the Installer, Click Next, and choose the directory where to Install.
4. Let it Download Full Version game in your specified directory.
5. Open the Game and Enjoy Playing.


Empire Earth PC Game Free version Download
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