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IGI iOS/APK Full Version Free Download

IGI iOS/APK Full Version Free Download

IGI iOS/APK Full Version Free Download

IGI overview

Project I.G.I: I’m Going In is a tactical first-person shooter game. It’s manufactured under the banner of Innerloop Studios for Microsoft Windows. It premiered on 15th December 2000 and Eidos Interactive released this match.

In IGI you perform as the protagonist Jones who’s a Commando. He infiltrates a foundation of a terrorist Jach Priboi. He’s given the assignment to catch Priboi and excerpt information regarding the stolen Warhead that’s a danger to the USA. He receives Priboi and then flows through a Helicopter however, the Russians shot the Copter down. They catch Priboi and also the gear of Jones today Jones must get back his gear and clear the edge safely. Throughout his expedition that he learns about the participation of Ekk. Then he decides to capture Ekk as she’s the primary villain of the story. When they come face to face Ekk finishes. But then Jones again gets her then kills her to reunite the Warhead.

This sport has very straightforward but intriguing gameplay. There are various new weapons that are contained in this game exactly like MP5, Bazooka, Dragunov gun, and Deeagle gun. Also, the images are so impressive that critics have explained them as excellent. The Audio Design can be praised in this game. Absolutely this match is a timeless one and you need to check it out. You can also download Turning Point Fall of Liberty.


Features of IGI

Following are the main features of IGI that you will be able to experience after the first install on your Operating System.

  • Impressive first-person shooter game.
  • Simple but interesting gameplay.
  • Variety of weapons introduced like Bazooka, MPS, and Dragunov Gun.
  • Game of tactics and planning
  • Imposing graphics.
  • Comprised of fourteen missions.
  • Impressive sounds.

IGI Free Download




IGI iOS/APK Full Version Free Download
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