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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Full Version Mobile Game

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Full Version Mobile Game

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Full Version Mobile Game


Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, a first-person shooter videogame developed by Infinity Ward and published in Activision. Infinite Warfare, like the other games in the series, is a first-person shooter. The game introduces an entirely new setting, outer space, and features new gameplay mechanics like zero-gravity environments. The game comes with a booster pack and a grappling hook that easily allows players to move in zero-gravity environments. The game can be played in space and allows players to visit various planets, satellites, asteroids, and other parts of the solar system.

Players assume control of Captain Nick Reyes (a Tier 1 Special Operations pilot) and engage in aerial combat against enemies using his transformative fighter, the Jackal. The Jackal can be controlled by players without restrictions, so aerial combat is not restricted. Infinity Ward stated that space combat and the franchise’s trademark “boot-on the-ground” gameplay are the game’s main focus. The seamless transition between space combat and boots-on-the-ground combat requires no loading screen.


How to download and install Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

  1. Click the button below to download. The Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare download page will open.
  2. To complete your download, choose a mirror. You will need first to download a torrent file.uTorrent.Notice:uTorrent allows you to uncheck optional files and languages (they will be labeled as optional). This is useful if you don’t want the download to become too large.
  3. After Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is downloaded, open the game setup file in the downloaded folder. Then, install the game.
  4. After the installation is completed, you can launch the game by using the shortcut on your desktop.
  5. Enjoy the game!



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