ARK: Survival Evolved APK Full Version Free Download (Aug 2021)
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ARK: Survival Evolved APK Full Version Free Download (Aug 2021)

ARK: Survival Evolved APK Full Version Free Download (Aug 2021)

ARK: Survival Evolved APK Full Version Free Download (Aug 2021)

ARK: Survival Evolution – FREE Download

Here you can downloadARK: Survival Evolved is free!This page contains information about ARK Survival Evolved. It also contains instructions on how to download the game free of charge. This page contains the direct download link from different filehosters or torrent download. Here is the link to theFree downloadYou can find it at the bottom of this page.

About this game – ARK Survival Evolved (Mobile).

You are a man or a woman who is stranded on the shores ARK. You will need to use your skills and resources to kill, tame, or breed the leviathan dinosaurs, as well as other primate creatures that roam the land. To survive, control, dominate, and escape, you can team up with hundreds of players.

Dinosaurs, Creatures, & Breeding! There are over 100+ species that can be tamed. This involves weakening the feral creature to make it unconscious and then feeding it with the appropriate food. You can give commands to your tames once they are tamed. It may follow you depending on how well it has been trained and tamed. Tames can level up and eat food. They can also carry inventory and equipment, transport prey back to their settlement, and can even be controlled directly by riding larger tames.

Fly a Pterodactyl through the snow-capped mountains to lift your allies above enemy walls. Race through the jungle with a group of Raptors and a bunch of Raptors. Or, ride a giant brontosaurus through enemy bases to chase down prey. You are part of a dynamic ecosystem, with its own predator and prey hierarchies. To selectively breed subsequent generations, tames can be mated to the opposite gender using a trait system that is based on recombinant gene inheritance. This includes egg-based incubation as well as mammalian gestation. Or put more simply, raise babies!

To survive, you must eat and drink. Different types of meats and plants have different nutritional properties, as well as human meat. It is essential to ensure that you have enough water for your household and stock. Long-distance travel can be dangerous because of the high cost of food and water. You will move slower if you have more inventory.

The day/night cycle and randomized weather patterns can also slow down your movement. This can make it harder to eat or drink as the environment changes, making you feel hungry or thirstier. To protect yourself from extreme temperature and locational damage, build a shelter or fire, and use the dynamic indoor/outdoor insulation system to create a wide range of clothing & armors.

You can create massive, multi-leveled structures by chopping down trees, mining metal, and other valuable resources. The load system of structures can collapse if there is not enough support. It is therefore important to reinforce your buildings. To personalize the appearance of your home’s structure and objects, you can paint them. You can also place dynamically per-pixel painted signs, billboards and other decorative items. Shelter helps to reduce extreme weather conditions and protects you and your stuff. You can paint weapons, armor gear and clothing to reflect your personal style.


You can collect seeds from wild plants, place them in plots you make, water them, and fertilize them. You will see your plants grow and produce rare and delicious fruits. These can be used in a variety of recipes or made into useful tonics. Find the most rare plant seeds with the strongest properties. Vegans and vegetarians can thrive, and it is possible to conquer and control the ARK in a peaceful manner.

You can attract the attention of one of the ARK’s mythical god-like creatures by bringing enough rare sacrificial objects to special Summon locations. They will then arrive for battle. These monstrosities are a great end-game goal for experienced players and their armies. If defeated, they will give you extremely valuable progression items.

You can create a Tribe, add your friends, and all your tames will be controlled by or allied with anyone in your Tribe. Your Tribe can also respawn at any home spawn point. To reduce management burden, promote members to Tribe Admins. To grant access to your shared village, distribute key items and passcodes!

Blueprints have different statistics and quality, so all items must be crafted with the corresponding resources. The ARK’s most remote and harsher areas tend to have more resources, such as the highest mountains, deepest oceans, and darkest caves.

You can level up your character through performance actions. Also, you can learn new “Engrams” that allow you to create Items from your memory, without having to use blueprints. You can customize the appearance of your character’s underlying physique with hair, eyes, skin tones and a variety of body proportion modifiers. You’ll discover clues left behind by other Survivors as 3D “Explorer Notes” that are collectible and detailed. You can unravel all these clues to discover the true nature and purpose of the ARK.

Every craft you make has durability. If not repaired, it will eventually wear out. Your character stays asleep in the persistent world even if you quit the game. You can physically find your inventory in boxes, or on your character’s character in the world. Every item can be stolen or looted. To ensure security, you need to build up your team, have tames, or partner with other players to protect your inventory. You can kill, capture and force-feed others players to get their blood for transfusions or harvest their feces to feed your carnivorous beasts.

The mysterious ARK is a powerful and imposing environment made up of many natural and artificial structures, both above-ground and below-ground. It can also be found underwater. You’ll discover the most unusual, procedurally random creatures and rare blueprints by exploring its mysteries. Explorer Notes, which are dynamically updated into ARK, are also available.

These notes were written by past human denizens from the millennia and detail the creatures and their backstory. Explore your in-game ARK map and add custom points of interests. You can also craft a Compass (or GPS coordinates) to help you explore with other players. You can create and draw in-game signs to assist other players or lead them astray… But how do you challenge the Creators? There is a final end-game planned.


ARK: Survival Evolved APK Full Version Free Download (July 2021)




ARK: Survival Evolved APK Full Version Free Download (Aug 2021)
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