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The Case for Kojima Productions to Create a New Game Before Death Stranding 2

The Case for Kojima Productions

The Case for Kojima Productions to Create a New Game Before Death Stranding 2

It has been six years since Hideo Kojima, the legendary game designer, and his team from Kojima Productions could go independent to start new projects. Kojima’s initial post-Konami title. Death StrandingThe book was released in 2019 with mixed reviews. Fans have been anticipating and speculating about the next steps of the legendary author and his team since then.

Multiple rumours have circulated about Kojima Productions’s next project. The studio confirmed that it is working on an action game through multiple job postings. Kojima Productions’ next project includes manga and movie projects, a published Xbox title, and a Death Stranding sequel. For a studio with only 100 people, one of these projects is unlikely to be released soon. It could be Death Stranding 2.

Death Stranding is not for everyone, but it’s a memorable experience. It does an excellent job in ending the stories of its diverse cast of characters. Norman Reedus claims otherwise, but it is hard to imagine them returning for another instalment. Death Stranding’s main complaint is the lack of variety in its gameplay. The upcoming Death Stranding Director’s Cut appears determined to fix this. The Director’s Cut adds more combat and traversal tools to Death Stranding and offers new options like Fragile Circut, which can be used as additional entertainment in the dark open world.

Death Stranding. Director’s Cut appears to address many criticisms since its original debut. It seems to be a carefully planned experience primarily targeted at an audience who either can’t access Death Stranding or have left it halfway through. If this is true, it will make little sense to release Death Stranding 2 after the release of the first Death Stranding. Although it’s speculation, a Death Stranding sequel may be made based on Death Stranding: Director’s Cut sales. This would eliminate the possibility that it’s Kojima Productions’ current project.


Hideo Kojima is well-known for teasing his future projects with cryptic statements, vague social media posts and vague tweets. It’s no surprise that his followers are always searching for information that might give them insight into his next project. Surprisingly, the last year has seen a significant increase in his followers. Kojima hinted at future projects that sounds nothing like death Stranding 2.

At this year’s Summer Game Fest, Kojima suggested that his next game would take a more dramatic leap than death Stranding. He stated that entertainment “can’t be left behind.” It neither confirms nor denies the existence of multiple rumoured projects Kojima Productions is working on, though it does fuel the fire when it comes to rumours about the alleged Xbox cloud-based game. It will be a huge leap in many ways if it is possible. Kojima suggested creating a death Stranding 2 from scratch, but it might not be as dramatic as a cloud-based gaming experience for a platform unknown to Kojima Productions.

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The Case for Kojima Productions to Create a New Game Before Death Stranding 2
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