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Every MCU Costume in Marvel’s Avengers, and Every One it Still Needs

Every MCU Costume in Marvel's Avengers, and Every One it Still Needs

Every MCU Costume in Marvel’s Avengers, and Everyone it Still Needs

WhenMarvel’s AvengersAll costumes in the original release were either based on comics or completely original designs by Crystal Dynamics. It was understandable that the developer wanted to create its own path and separate itself from the rest. Marvel Cinematic UniverseIt was a strange decision to disregard costumes from one of the most popular film franchises in the world. Fortunately, MCUFinally, suits are starting to appearMarvel’s AvengersThere are many more to come.

Many MCU suits could be made for Iron Man characters, but others have already seen their best on the big screen. This trend should continue as the MCU has plenty of outfits to choose from. If you can’t stop watching the live-action Marvel Universe, these are the suits that you should get in Marvel’s Avengers.

The majority of Marvel’s Marvel’s MCU costumes are directly inspired by Avengers: Endgame. Given the film’s monumental success, and its status as the finale of the Infinity Saga, this decision makes perfect sense. The film’s costumes were an evolution of the original hero’s, and many of the outfits featured in the film were regarded as the best by their fans.


The Avengers Endgame lineup includes five of six launch heroes. Kamala Khan is the only one who was not in the film. Black Widow looks solid with her suit’s intricate lines and textures making it stand out. Crystal Dynamics used her default hairstyle from the game, and the braided hairstyle was not present. Hawkeye’s Endgame skin is the same. Clint, the unmasked Hawkeye, had a buzz cut instead of the mohawk seen in the movie. Hawkeye’s skin, in particularly frustrating fans, though thankfully, the other Endgame-related skins were more faithful.

They look great together, with Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor looking like they were taken straight from the screen. There are no liberties taken with the costumes worn by The Avengers’ heavy hitters, with Captain America’s scaled armor looking particularly great. The Endgame Iron Man costume is a modernized version of his original costume. His gold appendages look just as elegant in the game as in Tony Stark’s last MCU appearance. Crystal Dynamics did a fantastic job adapting Fat Thor’s look when he decapitated Thanos. It would have been great to see him with his stylized beard in the game.

Every MCU Costume in Marvel’s Avengers, and Every One it Still Needs
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