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Explaining What Happened With Friday the 13th: The Game and Its Planned Support

Explaining What Happened With Friday the 13th

Explaining What Happened With Friday the 13th: The Game and Its Planned Support

Jason Voorhees is one of the most iconic horror icons ever to grace the silver screen. There are enough references in pop culture to make it easy for non-horror lovers to pick him out from a line-up. Jason Voorhees would be a well-known actor and would probably have some new ideas. Friday, 13thThere is more content in the works. Fans won’t see Jason again shortly due to a legal dispute between the series’s original creators. This includes content that was originally planned. Friday, the 13th: The GameThe first release was in summer 2017.

Friday the 13th: The Game was supposed to get new content well past its initial development. There is currently a lot of unreleased content that the developers have to sit on until the licensing issues are resolved. Fans are disappointed that the American legal system is so slow; the case could be resolved in months or even years. Although rumors have circulated that the lawsuit would be resolved soon, there has been no movement in the case at writing. Fans of the game will need to wait until there is any progress.

Friday, the 13th Lawsuit

A case is being heard between Victor Miller, the original screenwriter for Friday 13th, and Sean Cunningham. Cunningham is also a producer on several other entries in the series. Miller claims that he is the rightful owner of Jason Voorhees’ and Friday the 13th. He hopes to use a U.S. copyright provision that allows an author to claim their work after 35-years. Clive Barker, an author who obtained Hellraiserrights in last year’s case, has successfully used this law.


Friday the 13th’s future is lucrative, and the lawsuit has drawn more attention to the franchise. The copyright holder will be able to make any profit from licensing the characters and residuals for content already in existence. Jason Voorhees is a legend among slashers. He has also died many times. Jason Voorhees has a rich legacy that has earned him a lot of admiration. It would be a shame to see him go.

Friday 13th of July: Game Content

A license must be obtained from the intellectual property owner to allow a game developer or producer to adapt a well-known character or series. Sean Cunningham would have had the rights to Friday the 13th: The Game and the 2009 reboot of Friday the 13th. He would also have received residuals from Friday 13th: The Game, its updates, as well as any new Jason and survivor content.

Despite the ongoing lawsuit, no one can legally allow the publication of IP’s content. This applies to any item that is currently in development or was put on hold. Friday 13th: The Game’s developers have been unable to release bug fixes and improve the server.

This news is likely frustrating to horror fans who want to see more of Jason in all his hockey mask-wearing glory. The property holder will decide how the franchise should proceed if the lawsuit is resolved. Fans will have to watch the films again and continue playing the game as it is.

Explaining What Happened With Friday the 13th: The Game and Its Planned Support
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