No Man's Sky Expedition 3: All Cartographers Steps Rewards Tip
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No Man’s Sky Expedition 3: All Cartographers Steps Rewards Tip

No Man's Sky Expedition 3: All Cartographers Steps Rewards Tip

No Man’s Sky Expedition 3: All Cartographers Steps Rewards Tip

No Man’s Sky is a huge sandbox. It’s possible to do almost anything. Explore the universe, settle planets, make mineral extractors, or become a farmer. The list of possibilities is endless. This can become a problem if you are anything like me. I’ve opened No Man’s Sky more times than I’ve saved slots. You have clear goals and objectives in the first part of the game. It is easy to know where you are going next. Although I have a long list of things that I want to accomplish, such as finally getting an S-Class freighter, unlocking all Nanite research, and getting every Quicksilver cosmetic, these are user-driven goals.

Hello, Games has updated the game with a new Expeditions feature. This gives it more structure than ever before. These are seasons similar to Diablo or Path of Exile. You begin with nothing, and then you will be given a lot of tasks to complete. Along the way, you’ll earn rewards. You’re save file is converted to a regular save at the end of each season. A new expedition begins with new goals and new locations. This guide will show you how to complete the Cartographers Expedition. It also includes a list of all steps and rewards.

Steps and Phases of the Cartographers Expedition

The Cartographers Expedition has five phases, each with five- to seven milestones. Remember that every milestone comes with significant rewards that will accelerate your progress. These include resources, warp drives, and supreme mods. Before you proceed, make sure that you claim them!

This expedition is unusual in that it focuses on a single topic explores a single planet. Each person begins on Gisto Major in a starship that is similar to their own. You are not asked to leave until Phase Five, which significantly departs from the two previous experiences.


Phase 1

The first phase is primarily about getting your feet under control. This means setting up a base and exploring the immediate surroundings. You won’t be able to jump into space like other Expeditions.

  • Auto diagnostics 1:Locate, and board your ship.
  • Earth Mover –Install a terrain manipulator.
  • Foxhole –To shelter from the storm, use a cave.
  • Homecoming Establish your first base.
  • Technosignature –Use a signal booster to boost your signals.
  • Any Port in a Storm – Shelter inside an alien building.
  • The Pilgrim –Explore 5,000 units by foot.

You’ll receive the following if you complete phase 1—jetpack bubble rail customization.

Phase 2

Phase 2 is more challenging. You can click on any milestone to save it to your log. The game will then show you how to complete it.

These steps are not difficult. You already have a minotaur! Head to the summon interface, and you can spawn it.

  • Auto diagnostics 2 –Starship launch systems must be restored.
  • Power Surplus – Generate 150 power.
  • Matter transport, your base, construct a Teleporter.
  • Fear the SunTunnel 1,000 units below the surface
  • Master of the ElementsExplore 1,500 units by foot during storms
  • CompanionshipAdopt an animal friend.
  • Mechanical Man –Install a minotaur heavy suit combination.

Phase two is completed, and you will receive the Holographic chart Projector plans.

No Man’s Sky Expedition 3: All Cartographers Steps Rewards Tip
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