PUBG Mobile Tips For Squad Matches
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PUBG Mobile Tips For Squad Matches

PUBG Mobile Tips For Squad Matches

PUBG Mobile Tips For Squad Matches

This game guide contains some useful PUBG Mobile tips to help you win squad matches. Are you having trouble finding the chicken dinner in your PlayerUnknown’s Battleground squad matches? Check out these tips to play better in PUBG Mobile team matches?

PUBG Mobile has four-player teams for battle royale matches. PUBGMobile team matches offer a different experience than solo. During team matches, big battles can occur between four- and three-player squads. Squad matches are often more intense than single-player matches. These Mobile tips will help you survive in squad matches.

For teammates, ping items

PUBG Mobile has a ping system similar to Fortnite. This ping system allows players to highlight items for their teammates. To highlight the locations of items you see, such as a helmet or armor level 3 that you don’t use or a kit for medical purposes that a teammate may need, ping them.

To ping, an object inPUBG MobileYou’ll then need to drag your crosshair target across it. Next, press the round button to chat QuickClick the button to the right. To mark the exact location of the item that you have identified for your team members, select the “I Have …” Chat Line.”

Utilize in-game voice commands

It can take a while to enter voice commands in Mobile using mobile devices’ touchpad keyboards. Players can’t afford to slow down to manually input voice commands in the heat of battle to communicate with their teammates. To communicate quickly with your teammates, you can make use of the various messages available in-game. These voice commands are great to use during PUBG Mobile squad matches.

  • “Fall back into the safe zone!”
  • “Enemies ahead”
  • “Get in the Car”
  • “Help!”
  • “Form up, on me.”

You can also add additional messages to the game.PUBG Mobile’sQuick Chat feature. To do so, tap the inventory click the button at the bottom of pub Mobile’s title screen. Next, tap the messaging tab located under the steering wheel button. Click the microphone button directly below. Click the change, click the button and drag the new messages to the right side to be added.


Drop healing items to teammates who are in need

Sometimes, teammates might not have enough healing items after rescuing them. You can give your teammate some first aid items or other items to help him if you suspect they need them. If necessary, you can use ping to mark the location of a dropped item.

Mark enemies you spot

PUBG mobile has a location marker that you can use to highlight specific locations. This location marker is useful for showing your team members where you have spotted a hostile. If you spot an enemy in the distance and want to show your teammates, place your crosshair target above the hostile’s exact position and tap on the location marker. Your teammates will see the location marker and be able to locate the enemy’s approximate position.

Play PUBG Mobile with an Android emulator

Windows Android emulators allow you to play and PUBG Mobile on your computer. Many Android emulators offer more flexible PUBG Mobile control options. You can also use your full-size keyboard on your PC to communicate with others, rather than relying on mobile typing. Using a keyboard in PUBG Mobile will allow you to communicate more effectively.

BlueStacks 5 is an excellent game-oriented Android emulator. You can play PUBG Mobile with that emulator at higher frame rates than your phone or tablet. BlueStacks 5 includes a useful Freelook feature that is very helpful for third-person shooters who use PUBG Mobile. Click the button to add BS 5 on your computer.BlueStacks 5: Download NowClick on this button website of the emulator.

Stay with your teammates.

Squad matches are about teams. You’ll survive longer if you keep close to at most one of your teammates. If you are far from your teammates in the first match, you’re more likely to be attacked by full-size enemy squads. If you’re in trouble, none of your teammates will be able to help you. After you have dropped off your plane, ensure that you are at least one step closer to your team members. Also, try to keep your team members close throughout the game to ensure that you can provide support when needed.

PUBG adds support points to your squad score. Points will be awarded for revives and kill assists. If you don’t stick by your teammates, you will likely receive a very low support score. It’s best to stay with your teammates for scoring and ranking purposes.

PUBG Mobile Tips For Squad Matches
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