DOTA 2 Gets Major Changes Prior to TI10
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DOTA 2 Gets Major Changes Prior to TI10

DOTA 2 Gets Major Changes Prior to TI10

DOTA 2 Gets Major Changes Before TI10

Valve has just released a news update on ticket sales for TI10. The developers also released an update for DOTA 2 along with this release. The International 10 is scheduled for 7 October. One would assume that the update will be simple and not have any significant impact on gameplay.

Valve has decided to take the opposite approach. This update brought about several in-game changes that will have a significant impact on the gameplay. It will be fascinating to see how top-tier teams adapt to these changes at The International ten.

Let’s now dive in to see all the changes Valve has made for DOTA 2.

DOTA 2 HUD Modifications

According to Valve’s update, changes have been made in the game.

Status Indicators

  • The top bar shows the smoked heroes and whether heroes have Aegis (or Cheese).
  • The inventory now includes Aegis timer, BKB duration, and shared Tango timing. Both players and spectators can now access this information.
  • Roshan timer now displays a countdown.
  • Players can now ping Aegis for the broadcast time remaining to their allies.
  • Added a Power Rune Spawning top/bottom indicator.
  • Now, the stats dropdown shows the buyback status indicator.
  • The Items panel now includes neutral items. It also lists which players have Aghanim’s Scepter/Aghanim’s Shard.
  • A combat log entry has been added for players who deny runes.
  • When a team opens a shop, the item quantities for observers/observer wards/smokes are displayed for spectators.

Graph Improvement

  • The combo graph displays win probability, gold, and XP simultaneously, along with deltas without the need to choose separate graphs.
  • The added momentum indicator indicates which team’s performance has increased in the past 2 minutes.


  • You can use Override Cam to control the camera’s movement in non-free modes to inspect other areas on the map. After a brief delay, the camera will return to the selected mode.
  • Directed Cam allows you to click on heroes to choose them as your focus temporarily.
  • Fixed the directed camera jumping back to origins at times.

In-Game Playback

  • The ‘Next Highlight’ feature has been improved to allow you to skip straight to the action (fixed in the old version).
  • The ability to skip to the match instead of waiting for the draft phase to end was added.

These changes were implemented in DOTA 2. Valve has better and bigger plans for the future of the game. The developers also revealed some upcoming changes they intend to implement over the next few months.


DOTA 2: Upcoming Changes

Valve decided to remove support for some platforms from previous generations to preserve the Source 2 engine and DOTA 2. These changes are not yet implemented, but they will certainly be available before 2021.

The following changes have been made:

Data support was removed from 32-bit systems. To run Dota, you will need a 64-bit OS and a machine with 64-bit hardware.

  • Support for macOS versions lower than 10.14 has been removed
  • DirectX 9 support will be removed. DirectX 9 users will be switched to DirectX 11.
  • OpenGL support will be removed. OpenGL users will be able to switch to Vulkan instead.
  • You can now switch to SDL Audio (Claudio) by removing support for XAudio.
DOTA 2 Gets Major Changes Prior to TI10
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