Epic Games Store Free Epic Games Store Free Games List for 2021Games List for 2021
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Epic Games Store Free Games List for 2021

Epic Games Store Free Games List for 2021

Epic Games Store Free Games List for 2021

The Epic Games Store took the world by storm in late 2018. Free Games have been an integral part of the company’s DNA. This trend will likely continue through 2021. Epic’s generous approach allows you to easily access many great titles, some of which can take many hours. It also draws more users to its store by helping to establish large libraries of titles.

Over the past year, the offerings included indies (both popular and obscure) as well as AAA releases such Elite Dangerous, Civilization 6, and even GTA V, which notoriously shut down the storefront’s servers. In 2021, the Epic Games Store will offer free entry to players who can manage dino parks or take to the stars in a rogue-lite adventure. Here’s the Epic Games Store list of free games for 2021.

In the past, Epic Games Store offered one or more free games each week. Epic confirmed that Epic would continue this practice through 2021. To add these games to your library, you will need an EGS account. Once you have created an account, you can go to the store page for the game and follow the same steps as when you purchased it.

While you won’t be charged for the game, you will need to add it to your library during the free week. If you do not get the game, there are a few other ways to get it at a discount throughout the year through the Epic Games Store. Although some of these freebies have been given away multiple time, this is not a reliable method.


Epic Games Store Free Games List 2021

    • Jurassic World Evolution


    • Crying Suns


    • Star Wars Battlefront II Celebration Edition


    • Galactic Civilizations III


    • Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition


    • For the King


    • Metro Last Light Redux


    • Halcyon 6 Starbase Commander


    • Absolute drift


    • Rage 2


    • Sunless Sea


    • Red Dragon Wargame


    • Surviving Mars


    • The Fall


    • Creature in the well


    • Tales of the Neon Sea


    • Season Two: 3/10


    • Deponia, The Complete Journey


    • Ken Follet’s The Pillars of the Earth


    • The First Tree


    • Alien: Isolation


    • Hand of Fate 2


    • The Forgotten Realms’ Idle Champions


    • Pine


    • The Lion’s Song


    • NBA 2K21


    • Among Us


    • Frostpunk


    • Control


    • Hell Is Other Demons


    • Don’t Overcook! 2


    • Horizon Chase Turbo


    • Sonic Mania


    • The Spectrum Retreat


    • The Walking Dead: Bridge Constructor


    • Ironcast


    • Obduction


    • Offworld Trading Company


    • Defense Grid: The Awakening


    • Verdun


    • Mothergunship


    • Train Sim World 2


    • The Plague Tale: Innocence


    • Minit


    • Rebel Galaxy


    • Yooka-Laylee


    • Void Bastards


    • Automachef


    • Saints Row 3: Remastered


    • Yoku’s Island Express


    • The Complete Nioh Edition


    • Sheltered


    • Speed Brawl


    • Tharsis


    • The Escapists


We will keep an eye on any announcements, and we’ll update our list 2021 Epic Games Store-free games as soon as we learn more.

Epic Games Store Free Games List for 2021
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