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Escape Simulator Tests your Puzzling Chops Next month

Escape Simulator Tests your Puzzling Chops Next month

Escape Simulator Tests your Puzzling Chops Next month.

Pine Studio, publisher and developer, today announced that Escape Simulator has an October release date. The game features a cutesy design and locks you in 15 escape rooms, where you are challenged to get out.

It doesn’t matter if you’re cracking the locks of ancient Egypt, hacking into spacecraft’s systems, or trying to make sense of odd notes found insipidly.

Escape Simulator will include a level editor that allows you to create your own levels and enjoy the creations of others.


You can also customize your character, dress them in themed outfits “tailor-made for each puzzle environment,” and throw vases at your fellow teammates. As science has shown, this will encourage them to think more and not search for objects to throwback to them.

Escape Simulator’s latest trailer can be viewed below. You can also try some puzzles through its Steam demo and then pick it up on October 19.

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