Warzone Iron Trials '84 Update
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Warzone Iron Trials ’84 Update

Warzone Iron Trials '84 Update

Warzone Iron Trials ’84 Update

COD Warzone will soon have a brand new game mode that will really test your skills. Iron Trials’84 will be almost identical to a traditional Warzone match, but with a lower loadout, higher TTK for all weapons, and a more intense Gulag experience.

COD Warzone Update – Iron Trials ’84 Gameplay

Iron Trials ’84 is the place to go if you think you are the best Call Of Duty Warzone player and want to prove it.

Your team will drop in as in any other Warzone game. The Circle will then collapse. You can revive yourself by defeating an opponent in Gulag. Some game mechanics have been modified to make this more difficult.

The Match

This is a duos-only event. If you’re not sure who to call, drop in with someone you trust. If you are truly exceptional, go solo or join other duos. Round timers are now shorter by 12%, and the Circle will close 12% quicker. This is approximately two minutes less than a standard Battle Royale.

Stations for Sale


A Loadout Drop is not available for free. Are you that good? You can purchase custom loadouts at an additional cost. A Loadout Drop Marker can be purchased at a Buy Station from $10,000 to $15,000. You’ll also find that the price of everything else at the Buy Station will increase to match your skill.


Melee Finisher Injury is over. You can do with this information whatever you like.

Health and Regeneration

Your baseline health will increase from a lowly 100 up to 250. This means that everyone else’s base health will increase from a lowly 100 to 250. This is on top of the fact that regen has dropped from 120 to 40 per second, and the regen delay will take 7 seconds, which is two seconds more than normal. Plan your perks accordingly.

Start Equipment

All of you will be equipped with a Sledgehammer, a.44 Magnum, and some other tools. Enjoy it.

Weapon Loot

The loot tables for Supply Boxes have been updated, and the importance given to scavenging has increased in Iron Trials 1984. We hope you can locate boxes and get all the important Contracts. An attachment is available for every Common weapon to help you counter the less desirable loot. This usually increases your max mag size. You might also find an Epic or Legendary weapon, but they are rarer than Classified weapons.

Warzone Iron Trials ’84 Update
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