Prototype Free Download Full Game for PC

Prototype Free Download Full Game for PC

Prototype Free Download Full Game for PC

Prototype Free Download Full Game for PC

Overview of Prototype PC Game:

The prototype was an Open-World action-adventure game. Radical Entertainment developed this game. Activision published it. The Prototype game PC release date is June 9, 2009. Alex Mercer, the main character in this game, has shapeshifting abilities. Your existence is a result of a conspiracy. Your memory has been lost due to mysterious powers.

The prototype game is set in Manhattan. You’re free to explore the city. You tried to recover your memory after it was lost but were stopped by the U.S. Military & Blackwatch. Use your unique abilities to fight them and achieve your goal. You can kill more than one enemy with a single punch. Additionally, you can use melee attacks to defeat them all. Alex can turn his body into various things, such as a blade arm, sharp claws and a shield. Get Prototype Game for free. It’s Safe, Fast. Prototype Download Full Game Free from the links below.

Prototype Features

  • Rapid and deadly shape-shifting combat.
  • Amazing Conspiracy-driven storyline.
  • Unique Abilities.
  • Different enemies.
  • You can perform various melee attacks.


1 Is this Game Free on PC?


This Game is completely free for your PC. It can be downloaded from any of these links.

2 What is the download size of this game?

Prototype Download size is 4.35GB, which you can get for free via Torrent or Direct Links.

3 How to Download and Install the Parts Section Game?

First, download all parts of the game. Part 01, Part 02 and…, etc. Once you have downloaded all parts, extract them and follow the video/installation guide to install the game.

4 Want More Free Games?

You can explore Rhino Games to find the Game you are looking for and download it free of cost on your PC. All Games have been tested and are free to download.

5) Can your PC run it?

You may be confused and unable to decide if this game will work on your computer. Click the button below to compare the system requirements and analyze the performance of this Game.

Requirements for the Prototype System:

The Game Prototype System Requirements can be found here. Analyze how easy it is to run this game.


Prototype Free Download Full Game for PC




Prototype Free Download Full Game for PC
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