Hurtworld Free Download For PC

Hurtworld Free Download For PC

Hurtworld Free Download For PC

Hurtworld Free Download For PC

Hurtworld Free Download Version

Hurtworld Free download is a multiplayer survival FPS that focuses on hardcore gunplay and strategic maps control. Although it was an extremely raw experience when we launched early access three years back, we are now happy to expand our player base.

Hurtworld Install-Game

You can either team up with your friends or solo to face the elements and gather the necessary items to survive, grow, and defend your position in Hurtworld’s harsh environment. Hurtworld, populated by powerful creatures, rich resources, and constantly evolving challenges, is an immersive multiplayer gaming experience that will captivate even the most experienced gamer. Wolfenstein

Hurtworld: Free Download

The game has many modes, and players have full access to all of them. It’s a free game, after all. The campaign mode is the most interesting and enjoyable of all the modes.

  • You can make tools, weapons, and clothing that will help you survive and protect what’s yours.
  • To store loot, build a stronghold, and find refuge.
  • Locate and repair vehicles that have been abandoned on the map.
  • Explore the diverse biomes to find rare and exotic resources.

Built from the ground up using solid multiplayer foundations for quick skill-based PVP/PVE. Hurtworld has highly optimized graphics that can be scaled to run on any budget.


Requirements for system

  •  Recommendation:
  • Requires a 64-bit processor and the operating system Windows 7 64
  • Processor: Intel Core i3
  • Ram: 4-8 GB
  • Storage 5 GB
  • Graphics card: GeForce 660


Hurtworld Free Download For PC




Hurtworld Free Download For PC
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