Tomb Raider Legend Free Download For PC

Tomb Raider Legend Free Download For PC

Tomb Raider Legend Free Download For PC

Tomb Raider Legend Free Download For PC

Overview Tomb Raider Legend:

Crystal Dynamics’ action adventure video game Tomb Raider Legend was the first fully robot-controlled game in its series. Lara, a nine-year-old girl, and her mother are killed in an accident while flying in a stormy plane. Lara sought refuge in a Buddhist monastery, where she found a stone dais with a sword. Lara removes the sword, triggering an explosion that consumes her. Lara will need to use her athletic abilities and explore treacherous tombs laced with deadly traps and puzzles throughout the game. Get The Bio shock infinite for free.

You can swap between the four types of pistols, one weapon at a given time, and the dual pistols. Lara can ride a motorcycle at different levels. The game can be saved at any level. However, if lara dies, or the player reloads the saved game, the game will return to its previous point. You can unlock more than 30 alternative outskits and skins while playing the game. You can also download your own outfits and make them yourself. Get The Hellblade Senuas Sacrifice for Free.


Lara Croft’s Ultimate Adventure

New graphics and animations have been added to the game. Lara will explore ancient lost realms and uncover the secrets of Lara’s history. Fluid control motproton keeps Lara moving in continuous motion. The game will test players by presenting them with unexpected solutprotons and overcoming obstacles. The new Legend of the Tomb Raider series will be available to the player. This game meets the requirements of the new generation proton gaming systems. To achieve the goals of the game, the player must use his intelligence and strength. To achieve your goals, you will need to discover new weapons and the latest communicatproton equipment. Explore the world and discover the most beautiful valleys. Get The IGI 3 The Mark for Free.

Tomb Raider Legend:

  • New weapons and vehicles
  • Moderation Save
  • Get rewards and unlock content
  • Cheat codes

System Requirements

1 : Operating System -: Windows 2000/XP only 2. : Processor:Pentium 3 (or Athlon XP equivalent) (Recommended Pentium 4/Athlon XP, or better).
3:: RAM :: 1GB RAM
4 :: DirectX: Version 9.0c
5 :: Graphics – NVIDIA GeForce7800 / ATI Radeon X-1800
6 :: Storage:: 10 GB


Tomb Raider Legend Free Download For PC




Tomb Raider Legend Free Download For PC
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