Celeste Mobile Game Full Version Download
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Celeste Mobile Game Full Version Download

Celeste Mobile Game Full Version Download

Celeste Mobile Game Full Version Download


Celeste is a videogame from the category of plat-forming games. Maddy Thorson is the writer and director of the game, while Noel Berry and Thorson are the programmers. This is the complete flesh edition of a game similar to it, which was released in 2016. PICO is the name of this game. Berry and Thorson created the game in four data by themselves during the gaming jam. It’s set in a virtual Mount Celeste game. Madeline, a young girl, attempts to climb the mountain. She is expected to face all her inner Devils as she does so.

What’s the game all about?

Celeste launched worldwide as an independent title on 25 January 3018. The game was launched on platforms such as Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Linux and macOS. The Stadia released a new version on 28 July 2020. It includes eight chapters, along with an additional chapter of DLC called The Farewell. This free chapter was launched on September 9, 2019. This farewell is an epilogue to the main story and contains 100 new screens.


The game received a lot of universal praise upon its release. It was also considered one of the top-rated games of 2018. The game was also highly praised for its gameplay, themes and soundtrack as well as the story that is based on emotions. It was also praised for Madeline’s character. The game is challenging but can still be enjoyed by casual players as well as those who want to complete all the achievements or speed run.

It won many awards including the Best Independent Game award and the Games for Impact Awards at The Game Awards 2018. The Game of the Year was also nominated. It was also a huge financial success, selling more than one million copies by the end of 2019, exceeding all expectations. It was also a huge success in the speed-running community.

The main features of the game

Celeste is popular not only for its gameplay, but also for the many features it provides to players. If you don’t know much about this game, have a look below.

  • Engaging gameplay

It is very popular because of its unique gameplay. It is so enjoyable that players won’t want to stop playing it. This is why this game has one of its most important aspects.


  • Graphics

You all know that video games are known for their high quality graphics. The graphics are excellent, so it is no surprise that the game’s graphics are outstanding. The graphics are not comparable to other games in this genre. The graphics are so appealing that a player won’t be able to stop playing it once he starts.

  • Soundtrack

The soundtrack is another important aspect of a videogame. It is very exciting to have a soundtrack in a video game. It is another thing that draws players to the game. The soundtrack was created to fit the gameplay.

  • Tight and fast controls

The game’s controls are fast and precise. These controls make it even easier for players to play the game. The game’s controls are very precise and fast. This is a major feature of the game.

The Celeste videogame is now a great game in the category of performing games. This game can be played on any device. It’s free to play until you purchase in-app items. This game is a must-have for any video gamer. It can be played on any device you choose.

Celeste Mobile Game Full Version Download



Celeste Mobile Game Full Version Download
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