XCOM 2 Console Commands & Cheats

XCOM 2 Console Commands & Cheats

XCOM 2 Console Commands & Cheats

XCOM 2 Console Commands & Cheats

XCOM 2 is a sequel to its predecessor. It has a brutal side. You’ll kill soldiers you spent hours training. You might want to know more about console commands or cheats if you are tired of this happening, or replay the game with a more relaxed approach in mind.

This list contains a variety of useful XCOM 2 console commands, cheats, and other information. It is for those times when you can’t beat a mission or don’t want the game’s ruthless difficulty.

XCOM 2 Console Commands & Cheats

XCOM 2’s console commands allow you to alter the game in a variety of ways. Some give infinite turns and invulnerability, while others grant a smaller power boost in terms of resources.

You must first right-click your XCOM 2 entry to the Steam library and then select properties. Next, choose Set Launch Options from general.

Add –allowconsole to the newly opened box. The console should now be accessible in-game via the tilde key ().

You can use the Gog.com XCOM 2 version. Right-click on the shortcut to the game and add –allowconsole beside the text in the “Target” dialogue box. In-game, open the console with a tilde (~).

These are the cheats and commands for consoles that caught our attention:


    • PowerUp – Enables Godmode and removes the reloading requirement


    • TakeNoDamage: All units are now exempt from taking damage


    • ToggleUnlimitedActions – Grants unlimited AP


    • ForceCritHits guarantees critical hits


    • GiveActionPoints [Number]: Grants can assign a number of action points per unit.


    • TTC – Teleports selected units to cursor


    • SkipAI – Skips Ai’s Turn


    • SetStrategyFacilitiesUnlockAll – Unlocks all facilities for building


    • SetStrategyFacilitiesInstantBuild – Allows instantly building facilities


    • MakeSoldierAClass [Soldier Name] Grenadier – Turns soldier into Grenadier


    • MakeSoldierAClass [Soldier Name] PsiOperative – Turns soldier into Psi Operative


    • MakeSoldierAClass [Soldier Name] Rookie – Turns soldier into Rookie


    • MakeSoldierAClass [Soldier Name] Ranger – Turns soldier into Ranger


    • MakeSoldierAClass [Soldier Name] Sharpshooter – Turns soldier into Sharpshooter


    • MakeSoldierAClass [Soldier Name] Specialist – Turns soldier into Specialist


    • GiveResource Supplies [Quantity]- Provides a set quantity of Supplies


    • GiveResource Intel [Quantity]- Provides a set amount of Intel


    • GiveResource EleriumDust (Quantity) – Provides a set amount of Elerium Crystals


    • GiveResource EleriumCore Quantity – Provides a set number of Elerium Cores


    • GiveResource AlienAlloy [Quantity]- Provides a set amount of Alien Alloys


To unlock specific technologies, you can also use XCOM 2 console commands or cheats



    • GiveTech ModularWeapons


    • GiveTech MagnetizedWeapons


    • GiveTech GaussWeapons


    • GiveTech PlasmaRifle


    • GiveTech HybridMaterials


    • GiveTech PlatedArmor


    • GiveTech HeavyPlasma


    • GiveTech PlasmaSniper


    • GiveTech AlloyCannon


    • GiveTech Tech_Elerium


    • GiveTech PoweredArmor


    • GiveTech WraithSuit


    • GiveTech WARSuit


    • GiveTech Psionics


    • GiveTech EXOSuit


    • GiveTech SpiderSuit


    • GiveTech AlienBiotech


    • GiveTech AutopsySectoid


    • GiveTech AutopsyViper


    • GiveTech AutopsyAndromedon


    • GiveTech AutopsyFaceless


    • GiveTech AutopsyMuton


    • GiveTech AutopsyBerserker


    • GiveTech AutopsyArchon


    • GiveTech AutopsyGatekeeper


    • GiveTech AutopsyAdventStunLancer


    • GiveTech AutopsyAdventShieldbearer


    • GiveTech AutopsyAdventTurret


    • GiveTech AutopsyAdventMEC


    • GiveTech AutopsyChryssalid


    • GiveTech AutopsySectopod


    • GiveTech AutopsyAdventTrooper


    • GiveTech ExperimentalArmor


    • GiveTech Bluescreen


    • GiveTech Skullmining


    • GiveTech HeavyWeapons


    • GiveTech AdvancedHeavyWeapons


    • GiveTech BattlefieldMedicine


    • GiveTech PlasmaGrenade


    • GiveTech AdvancedGrenades


    • GiveTech Skulljack


    • GiveTech ExperimentalAmmo


    • GiveTech ExperimentalGrenade


XCOM2 is now on PC, Xbox One and PS4 as well as Nintendo Switch. You can also find more assistance with complicated strategy games at our favorite Imperator: Rome console commands.

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XCOM 2 Console Commands & Cheats
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