Free Games: Alien Planets and 'It Takes Two'.

Free Games: Alien Planets and ‘It Takes Two’.

Free Games: Alien Planets and 'It Takes Two'.

Free Games: Alien Planets and ‘It Takes Two’.

Remember that November offers free games. It’s the weekend! There are more freebies this weekend. Turn on your headphones and enjoy some gaming goodness.

As winter draws near, there’s plenty of variety this week. You’re sure to find something that interests you, from magical city-building to comfortable baggage-handling.

One small step

The Halloween frightening season is over. The Epic Games Store will no longer give out a free trick each week. From now on, it’s just lovely treats.

Aven Colony a game that involves humans colonizing an alien planet light-years from our home. From the beginning you are responsible for managing the growth of the city, fighting off fearsome villains and trying to survive in an alien environment.

Be on the lookout for terrifying tentacle aliens.

The Stunning Game Pass Showing

Xbox Game Pass keeps on going. We are seeing an incredible number of titles making it onto the subscription service for November.

It takes Two is an adventure game that I have yet to play, but since it’s now available on Game Pass, I will be pulling out a friend to play it along with me. It’s both couch-co-op and online playable, and it looks charming. The themes revolve around family. A Way Out was my favorite title by developer Hazelight Studios. It takes Two should be able to foster the same camaraderie with me and anyone else I can convince to spend hours sitting on a couch together. It’s worth checking out Phil’s review recommendation.

Unpacking is a hit. Since its release, players have been praising its calm gameplay, trance-like environment, and familiarity. Players can also praise the PS0 to Game Pass subscription price.

I was intrigued by Unpacking due to its beautiful-looking visual style, satisfying mechanics and lovely interface. But it will definitely get a chance. S, and Xbox One’s Game Passes too, so no excuses.

It is fascinating to discover about someone you don’t know based on their possessions or living space. Analyzing my past house moves could reveal a lot about me, besides the fact that I own too many Things.

It might be because it is fun, and not because you are constantly looking at that box in the corner that you haven’t unpacked.


Kill it With Fire will be my last choice, but only because I am an arachnophobe. You will be killing spiders in completely absurd ways and causing collateral damage to the environment. Maybe it could be therapeutic. Ewan definitely thinks so.

In case you didn’t see it, Backbone is now available on Xbox Game Pass. You play the role of Howard Lotor, an anthropomorphic raccoon detective who is tasked to explore a dystopian Vancouver, British Columbia and solve a few mysteries.

It was a great read for Imogen in her review. If you’re looking for an interesting world with unsettling themes and complex themes that will stay with you, I recommend it.

This is not the right book for you if your goal is to solve a murder mystery, but you will find a lot more bleak.

Another reason to play Backbone? It’s beautiful art. Vancouver is stunning in its pixely perfection. I want to take a stroll around this version.

PlayStation Owners Aren’t Left Out

You can also find the November PS Plus games now! PS Plus subscribers did a great job this month with many treats to choose from, depending on your preference.

Knockout city is first up. The action-packed dodgeball game was released in May 2021 but I missed it the first time around. It’s worth checking out – I’ll be bringing a few friends along to check it out and see if the trailers are right.

First-Class Trouble is a great social deduction experience. PS Plus will be a huge benefit. This might be the perfect game for those who want to scratch their Among us itch, but are looking for something more. A rogue A.I. must be stopped by four people. Two are given the task of helping the robots win, while two others will be on board a luxury ship. It’s much easier to gather a group of friends together and give it a try now that it’s available on PS Plus. It’s available for both PS5 and PS4.

For PS4 gamers, Kingdoms Of Amalur: Re–Reckoning is available. This fantasy RPG is by the same designer as Elder Scrolls IV : Oblivion and it’s packed with action. It’s well worth a look. Original release in 2012, remade last year as Re-Reckoning. To thrive in Amalur you will need strategy and skill.

Free Games: Alien Planets and ‘It Takes Two’.
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