7 Best Free Gaming Video Editor For Beginners


If video isn’t already a significant element of your content marketing strategy, it probably will be soon. Whether content marketers and SEO specialists prefer it or not, web content is embracing videos. In the coming year, over half of marketers will add YouTube and Facebook channels for video distribution; one-third of all online activity is spent viewing the video, and video will account for more than 80% of all internet traffic by 2025.

Both professionals and amateurs widely use video game editors to trim and edit gameplay video footage. The videos are often uploaded on social media channels like YouTube to reach out to the massive online gaming community.

Since its beginnings, gaming videos have been a feature of Youtube, and if you’re a player, you’ve undoubtedly considered submitting your gaming footage. Perhaps you already have a Twitch/Mixer feed and want to use it to supplement your Youtube channel with highlights and hilarious videos. Are you undecided about which editing tool to use? Then this article is for you. Let’s quickly dive in to discover the 7 best gaming video editors beginners can try out.


1. Pinnacle Studio 23

Pinnacle Studio games video editor provides a simple user interface with a drag-and-drop dashboard for inexperienced editors to navigate. Users may pick from a library of video segments, photos, music, and more. Additional capabilities are included in the latest Pinnacle Studio 24 and 25 editions.

Users may import 8K videos at high resolution with Pinnacle Studio 25. Pitch scaling, better video masking, mix modes, and smart object tracking are just a few of the Pinnacle video editing application features.

2. AVS Video Editor

Using AVS video editor, gaming editors may transfer recorded videos from DV/HDV cameras, webcams, and VHS cameras. It makes use of video cache technology to speed up the editing process. There are no restrictions on the number of video clips that can be used.

Audio tracks, transitions, graphic effects, and slideshow creation are all choices. You can optimize your game videos for mobile devices and publish them on social media sites like Vimeo and YouTube.

3. iMovie

If you’re a Mac user looking for a simple gaming video editor, iMovie is an excellent option. It’s a free video editing program that comes pre-installed on Mac, iPad, and iPhone. It allows you to edit 4K game videos. In iMovie, you can also use a green screen and split-screen features. A green screen can assist you in removing the video’s backdrop. Split-screen allows you to display two videos on one screen side by side.

You can make professional-looking game videos with iMovie even if you don’t have any editing skills. This video editor includes a large number of free soundtracks and sound effects to make movie editing easier. iMovie also allows you to post your game video directly to YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo.


4. InVideo

It is a video editing tool that will allow you to produce some of the best gaming video material quickly. The major advantages/benefits of using this tool are that it creates extraordinary films that are quick, straightforward, inexpensive, and collaborative, with over 4,000 ready-to-use themes, and easy to add any music according to the game theme, video masking and many more features that make it the most comprehensive games video editor.

 A web-based platform, It can be utilized on any desktop workstation running Windows, Mac, Linux, ChromeOS, or any other OS. You only need to use any browser to access your account (but Google Chrome is recommended since the app is the most optimized). It omits the need for a lot of experience (you will be editing the videos in a simple, intuitive editor, not in a fancy video editor with hundreds of options). Rather than spending weeks creating videos, you may do so in minutes.

5. Windows Movie Maker

Users may produce home movies with Windows Movie Maker, formerly the most popular free video editing tool for Windows. It has video effects and transitions, timeline narration, adding titles/credits, Auto Movie, audio track, etc. 

You may post films straight to social networking networks like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter once you’ve finished editing them. If you don’t know your computer system requirements, you can try this one because it is already installed on your Windows7 machine.

Windows Movie Maker was designed for Windows 7, but it can also be used on Windows 8. However, with Microsoft ending support for Windows 7 in January 2020, you may be wondering if Windows 10 includes a free video editor as well.

6. Avidemux

Avidemux is a free video editor for Windows 10/7/8 that allows you to conduct rudimentary editing, filtering, and encoding. It uses a range of codecs to handle a variety of file formats, including AVI, DVD compatible MPEG files, MP4, and ASF.

Because of the simplicity of its interface, it lacks a timeline. Thus you can’t apply filters or transitions. The whole design of Avidemux is based on the fact that many of the functionalities are intended for practical usage rather than for aesthetic considerations. This free video editing application is a good option if your demands are basic. It can’t provide you with additional control over complex video editing. If you are new to the video editing sector, the good news is that you can use it smoothly and rapidly understand it.

7. Hitfilm Express

Hitfilm Express is a robust, sophisticated, and completely free tool that serves as both an editor and a compositor in one package. You may also stack a limitless number of audio and video tracks on top of each other as long as your machine can support it. When compared to its competition, this program’s VFX capabilities are exceptional.

Most video editors charge for their best work, but Hitfilm Express provides you free access to some extremely cool special effects. Hitfilm Express also has extensive keyframing and animation capabilities, uncommon in the free video editing application. There’s a value graph and the ability to generate keyframes and set special and temporal interpolation.


All of the video editors on this list offer fantastic features and are completely free to use. They all come with advantages and disadvantages – so choose as per your needs and usage. Install one of these gaming editors, plot out your material, and begin editing. The more you learn, the better you’ll be able to perform in the long run.

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