Grand Theft Auto Players Harasse Rockstar Devs For Glitchy Trilogy

Grand Theft Auto Players Harasse Rockstar Devs For Glitchy Trilogy

Grand Theft Auto Players Harassed Rockstar Devs For Glitchy Trilogy

Rockstar Games responded to players who have been scathing about the state of the Grand Theft Auto – The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition by asking for a “respectful, civil discourse.”

We all know that it is unacceptable to attack a developer for a poor game or because players have difficulty finding quest markers. DICE, the Battlefield developer, has also spoken out about the hatred some gamers have for the game and the miscommunications between the two groups.

This is a palate cleanser to this talk about toxicity. Watch the Kanto starters create chaos in Grand Theft Auto 5.

A producer said that “the number of personal attacks that I’ve seen in just hours since [the beta] went online is disappointing.” Valorantdevelopers were harassed while playing matches and have taken steps to stop this from becoming a rooted issue in the popular shooter.


This unfortunate problem is caused by misunderstandings about how games are made. While someone might be identified as an “audio designer” or “narrative leader” on LinkedIn, most game development decisions are collaborative. Taking one person to the task is not an excellent way to get feedback from either party.

The Grand Theft Auto Trilogy: The Definitive Edition remastered games have been mocked and memed so much that Rockstar Games had to remove the game’s launcher because of its prolific glitches. We now know that the developer plans to improve the game and “reach the level of quality that they should be.”

Rockstar Games regrets that some fans have shown disrespect to its team. We are receiving reports that members of the development team have been harassed via social media. “We would like to ask our community for a civil and respectful discussion around this release while we work through these issues,” it stated.

Grand Theft Auto Players Harasse Rockstar Devs For Glitchy Trilogy
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