Where to Start with The Dragon Quest Games
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Where to Start with The Dragon Quest Games

Where to Start with The Dragon Quest Games

Where to Start with The Dragon Quest Games

JRPGs are the most intimidating gaming genre. They can be complex, lengthy, confusing, alien to many westerners culturally, have strong gatekeeping fan bases, can be difficult to find, and are often hard to understand. The series that created Dragon Quest is a great place for someone looking to get started.

Although the Dragon Quest series is among the most influential and important in videogame history, it pales in popularity and accessibility to its JRPG counterpart, Final Fantasy. Both are long-running, but Dragon Quest’s problems with exports, soft themes and art, and disrupted translation schedules have made it less appealing than its Final Fantasy counterpart. However, Dragon Quest does feature character designs and artwork by Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball.

Toriyama’s art style perfectly complements the Dragon Quest games’ fairytale-like, fun and incredible atmosphere. There are no complicated characters or narratives. It’s not a series that has complex characters. If a character is evil, it is usually because they were born evil. The games are centred on restoring light and fighting off the forces of darkness. This is the most straightforward morality scale. They also abide by the turn-by-turn battle style, which makes them slower than modern RPGs.

Each title in the series, except for the first two, is completely self-contained. This means that you don’t have to play them in any particular order. Like Fire Emblem and the Legend of Zelda, many of the titles may feature new characters and worlds. However, you can keep some ideas and assets and reuse them for each title to create a fantasy-like feel. Zelda’s Tri-Force, Master Sword, and Fire Emblem, uh… Fire Emblem are legacy icons that have been used to represent the franchises.

How can you get into a franchise that is so enjoyable?

The franchise has eleven titles, with a twelfth in the works and countless spin-offs. It is not the easiest to access for new gamers, regardless of their age. We’re here to help you find the best places to get into a legendary series like Dragon Quest.

Dragon Quest Main Characters: There is Only One


Dragon Quest Hero is often a young, often still teenager, child of destiny charged with saving the world, despite coming from humble origins. They can be more customizable in some games while they are locked in in others.

The hero is the central character of the story. He recruits friends and helps anyone they meet. The hero is a character who changes from one game to the next and often has the most memorable outfits, weapons and hair of any franchise.

The Dragon Quest Games That You Should Play

Dragon Quest XI _ is the most accessible and most recent DQ game. It is also incredibly good from a narrative perspective. No matter your level of skill, the story is powerful and emotionally charged.

The Hero of the tale is The Luminary, who will eventually rid the world of darkness. Others view The Luminary as a bringer, so your Hero and the group you recruit will have to travel the globe in search of a way for The Luminary to clear their names.

This is the perfect place to start any exploration of the Dragon Quest series. It’s available on all major platforms. S.

It is an absolute treat to see the game’s love letter to all previous entries in the series. The entire game uses many of the tropes, mechanics and themes that made it the JRPG foundation. An entire area also allows you to visit areas from previous games in different “what if” scenarios. You can even make the game look like one of the 16-bit Game Boy or NES games.

People who love Dragon Quest already have everything they need in this celebration of the franchise’s past. This allows newcomers to experience everything the franchise has been about unapologetically. It also gives them a chance to catch up on some of its lore. The games are completely self-contained but can contain more if you have played other entries. However, it is possible to understand the entry by itself.

This is one of the most charming and entertaining games you will ever play. It is recommended for fans of the past’s slow-paced RPGs and those who are willing to try them.

Where to Start with The Dragon Quest Games
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