WarTales Paths to Fame: Wisdom, Power, Wealth, and More
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WarTales Paths to Fame: Wisdom, Power, Wealth, and More

WarTales Paths to Fame: Wisdom, Power, Wealth, and More

WarTales Paths to Fame: Wisdom, Power, Wealth, and More

WarTales challenges the player to lead a mercenary firm to fame and glory. This is done essentially by playing the game. These categories or paths have a more specific role, guiding the company to certain walks of life and types of action as well as bestowing campaign rewards.

These are the routes to fame in WarTales.

– Might and Power – Wealth and Trade
Crime and Chaos
Mysteries, Wisdom

Here’s all you need to know about WarTales fame.

The Might path is directly related to the company’s prowess at combat, tactical feats and helping out communities through completing tasks or missions. This is the best route for players who are looking to build a reputation through fighting and building a company that is respected through strength.

For completing certain challenges such as defeating champions, crafting armor and weapons, or engaging in combat, the mercenary group will be awarded additional achievement titles. Players will see an increase in their Valor Points pool of one when they reach the second level, Power and Might. You can allow your companions to perform class-specific actions more often by having a larger pool of Valor points.

This is the most important path in a mercenary’s life. When you progress in the Wealth path, earning money is your goal. You can earn money by performing contract missions, or simply selling miscellaneous items, weapons and other objects.


This path is best for collectors or players who love shiny trinkets and baubles. You can also make high-quality products and sell them on the marketplace to earn renown and fame through the Trade and Wealth path. At level 2, you will be able to negotiate the price and reward for recruiting.

No one said that mercenaries had to be noble and altruistic. The Crime and Chaos route is for players who want to go to banditry. This path is the most difficult of the four. Players will be able to make a name for themselves by fighting alongside bands of outlaws and ambushing trade caravans. They can also steal property and act as a terror to law-abiding citizens.

Although it is difficult to follow the path of a raider because of the lack of benefits upfront, it can yield some unique rewards. This path can lead to special assassination missions that will increase your income stream. For instance, reaching the second level in fame will allow you to unlock the list of contracts. You can also steal items to give party items that they may not be able or too expensive. However, this will frustrate shop owners and the public so this path is not recommended for the faint-hearted.

The last path to fame, Mysteries & Wisdom, involves exploration of the world as well as the acquisition of skills and professions. The player will undoubtedly encounter new places as the company moves around the map. These locations include villages, farms and towers as well as caves. Each location may contain special features and secrets that could lead to further exploration expeditions.

While the other three paths provide relatively easy achievement titles that can be earned by performing simple actions, the Mysteries or Wisdom path has more stages and requires more care when searching for loot. The Lectern is a unique crafting item that unlocks a new career path for companies.

All mercenaries desire to be recognized for their actions, making them famous or even infamous. How will you be able to make an impact in WarTales’ world if you have the ability to build the company’s reputation?

WarTales Paths to Fame: Wisdom, Power, Wealth, and More
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