Halo Infinite Release Day Countdown: Campaign News and Multiplayer Leaks. Price, Trailers and More.

Halo Infinite Release Day Countdown: Campaign News and Multiplayer Leaks. Price, Trailers and More.

Halo Infinite Release Day Countdown: Campaign News and Multiplayer Leaks. Price, Trailers and More.

Halo Infinite Release Day Countdown: Campaign News and Multiplayer Leaks. Price, Trailers and More.

Halo Infinite may be the most crucial title in the franchise’s history since the original. This is because, despite a solid original trilogy and a well-received fourth entry, the franchise’s recent history has not been the most successful.

Fans are desperate for a new Halo 5 after the nonsensical Halo 5 campaign and the Master Chief Collection’s disastrous launch (and subsequent rebirth), respectively.

You can now play Halo Infinite multiplayer. If you didn’t know, you can head to Xbox or PC and have a look. The entire campaign will be available soon. This is everything you need to know about this game.

Release Date for Halo Infinite Countdown

Here’s precisely how long you need to wait before you get Halo Infinite.

All players who sign up between November 23-30 will be eligible for this week’s Ultimate Rewards: The Sigil Mark VII Vior.

November 18 2021 –

The Heroes of Reach Battle Pass beta launch has been completed. You can find a mountain of guides that will help you to get the game released. These include tips on the best Halo Infinite weapon, how earn more Halo Infinite credits and the upcoming Fractures : Tenrai event.

November 10 2021 –

Halo Infinite will finally be out next month. IGN has a first look at the Jega, a new Halo Infinite boss. Follow the link above to learn more about this red-plasma-sword-wielding killer.

November 9 2021 –

Will Halo Infinite be hosting a Christmas event? We wouldn’t rule this out. You can find out more at the link above.

November 8 2021 –

Download the Halo waypoint app now on iOS and Android. This app will be a must-have for Halo Infinite enthusiasts. It allows you to keep track of your stats and to customize your Spartan when Halo Infinite comes out later in the year.

In another IGN First feature, we get a better view of how the Halo Infinite Battle Pass system works.

“We wanted to be in a position to say, Hey, look! When you put 10 dollars in, you get that ten bucks back,'” Jerry Hook, Halo Infinite’s Head of Design, said. For more information on the IGN report, please follow the link!

November 4 2021 –

IGN has released another YouTube video that shows Oddball gameplay on the new multiplayer map ‘Streets.

November 3 2021 –

Halo Infinite now has a new Map called Streets. IGN revealed this map with exclusive footage.

November 2 2021 –

Classic maps may be back for Halo Infinite, but it won’t be for a while.

Andrew Witts, the lead multiplayer designer, explained to IGN that they prefer to work on new maps but that there is always room in Halo Infinite for remade Classic Maps.

November 1 2021 –

Halo infinite could get an Early Access Launch and four DLC Packs. A new data mine has been revealed.

October 4 2021 –

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Halo Infinite will allow you to customize your Spartan. 343 Industries has yet to reveal the Halo Infinite Customization Options. However, a leak revealed some fun cosmetic items that players can use.

September 17 2021 –


The latest development update from Halo Waypoint has indicated that the Master Chief Collection will receive its last seasonal update with Season 8. Given the size of Halo Infinite and how many resources it will require, likely, regular season updates won’t prove as feasible.

Instead, MCC updates in smaller sizes will be available when they are ready.

PC Gamer, thanks for bringing it to our attention.

September 3 2021 –

Halo Waypoint Blog announced that 343 Industries would process player feedback from the Halo Infinite Technical Preview. Based on this data, 343 Industries will improve the game.

343 has compiled a list of positive comments about Halo Infinite’s Technical Preview. This includes minor things like weapon sound effects and a sprint button, to more severe issues such as bot AI and wanting the Combat Sensor to be more like older games.

343 is currently in “shutdown mode” to fix any bugs or glitches players experienced in the Halo Infinite Tech Preview. However, they promised to continue working on feedback but mentioned that some issues might take longer.

August 25 2021

Halo Infinite’s release date has been announced. It will be available on Game Pass starting on December 8, 2021.

August 23 2021

A post to the Halo subreddit may have provided details about the Campaign and Forge co-op delays in Halo Infinite. It may be true. This gives us plenty of food to think about leading up to the Halo Infinite launch.

August 20 2021

The Halo Infinite development team provided details about what to expect for the Holiday 2021 game’s release. Joseph Staten, Halo Infinite’s Head of Creative, said that the Halo Infinite Campaign coop and Forge modes will be delayed until Seasons 2, 3 and 4.

August 10 2021 –

Insider Tom Henderson has added fuel to the Battle Royale fire. Henderson stated that he isn’t sure when Halo Infinite Battle Royale will debut but believes it has been in development for many years. Henderson also noted that the BR mode would tie into campaigns to encourage people to purchase the complete package.

August 2 2021 –

The game’s beta has revealed that Halo Infinite will offer multiple campaigns, which could also add a battle royale game to its franchise.

July 29 2021 –

It seems like Halo Infinite’s month of release may have been revealed. This was done by a Spanish-language doughnut ad.

July 24 2021 –

Next weekend, Halo Insiders will be able to see previews and take part in the technical test for Halo Infinite. Provides all the details and information you need to sign up.

June 30 2021

IGN The head of Xbox Phil Spencer stated the following to IGN :

“I don’t know if I’m saying what you want, like when it comes to the community, but I’m being honest, I don’t think about it like that, like the future franchise.”

“Halo will still be around in 10 years. Is Infinite the lynchpin to whether it survives that long or not? No.

“The game has such an ardent fanbase, such a history, and so much lore that it’s just a IP that’s going with us. While we don’t take this for granted, I believe that it is true in my core.

June 21 2021

343 Industries wants Halo Infinite multiplayer less intimidating, so they have added customizable bots that players can use as part of the ‘Academy.

Learn more at the multiplayer blog.

Halo Infinite Release Day Countdown: Campaign News and Multiplayer Leaks. Price, Trailers and More.
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