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While the year is coming to an end, Sea of Thieves has just begun something new. Season 5 has begun, and players will find many new things and activities. The new Season 5 features will make pirate life far more interesting. There is a lot to be excited about, but let’s focus on the most important features and content. The official release notes contain a complete list of all new features, add-ons and improvements to Sea of Thieves Season 5.


Pirates are known for their buried treasure. This is traditionally marked on maps with an “X.” Before Season 5 of Sea of Thieves, the treasure could be found in the ground. You can now bury your treasure!

It is easy to bury your treasure. The only thing you need is the treasure to be buried, and then you can dig! After the treasure is buried completely, you will receive a map with an X marking the treasure’s location. You can bury more than one treasure. Multiple treasures can be buried together and marked on the map with additional X’s. Maps of your buried treasure can be found in the Quest Radial. A Map Bundle represents them at the Captain’s Table.

You can do many things with the treasure you have buried. You can either keep the map or dig up the treasure later. You can also post the map on one of the Quest Boards so other players can locate your treasure. As a gift, you can give your map to another crew.

You can either bury your treasure or allow someone else to find it.

Be careful if you decide to keep the map for yourself. Other pirates could steal your map if they sneak onto your ship. All maps onboard will float like other items if your ship sinks. While floating maps are possible to retrieve, others can also steal them. Make sure your map is safe!

You can also dig up pirates’ treasure by digging your own grave and making your map.

Near the docks, you will find a Quest Board at every Outpost or Seaport. You can find maps leading to treasure at the Quest Board. These maps function precisely like those you receive when you dig for your treasure. These maps will be marked with X’s to indicate the treasure. You can only collect 5 maps per in-game day. Don’t be greedy!

What about your treasure maps? What happens if someone else takes your map from the Quest Board and finds the treasure? You get a special reward as well as your treasure. Renown and Trading Company reputation will be awarded to anyone who finds a treasure you have buried with the Quest Board map. How about if someone finds a Chest Of Legends you buried? This will earn you Athena’s Fortune reputation and bonus Renown.

Post your map to the Quest Board or grab a map from someone else to find their treasure.

Treasure can be buried, but that’s just one option. Gunpowder barrels can be buried if you’re clever. Other pirates could get into a lot of trouble if you set a trap. This is why you should be careful when digging for someone else’s treasure! It’s not your intention to fall for an explosive trap!


Fireworks are a great way to mark the end of the year and start a new one. Fireworks are an exciting new resource. Firework Crates can be purchased from the Merchant Alliance or found at sea. Fireworks in Sea of Thieves come in 50 designs with different effects and colors.


How can you set off a firework in your home? It is straightforward. It’s straightforward. Make sure you have a firework in the inventory. Then load it into a cannon and fire it. When fired from the cannon, fireworks will explode in spectacular displays. Fireworks cannot be used to cause damage to other ships, in case you were wondering. But, sparks from stray fireworks can cause fires to other ships, so be cautious!

Make a spectacular fireworks display by preparing your cannons.

Also, you can sell fireworks found in crates. You can either sell them to the Reaper’s Bones or take them to the Merchant Alliance as a reward.

Cannons can also fire off fireworks. Signal Flares can also be set off from cannons. These beacons emit a bright beam of light that can be used as a signal for other crews. Signal Flares can be found all over the globe.


Cannons are now available for rowboats. This gives you an advantage in battles against your rivals. You can attack other ships with the cannon you have from your rowboat, but not by firing from your ship.

Another update on rowboats is worth knowing about. When docking your rowboat to a ship, you can choose which direction it faces. This is done by simply facing the rowboat in the direction you wish to face after docking.

Sea of Thieves Tips – Canon Rowboat [NEW SHIP SEASON 5]


Minor update: You can now sit down and relax. It is arduous work to plunder the seas, so take some time to relax and sit down. There are many places to choose from. There are many places to sit, including on the ship and at Outposts. The Captain’s Chair can be used as a seat. You can change the camera position by pressing the R (PC or Y) buttons.

You can do more than sit down. By sleeping in a bed, you can get forty winks. You can also sleep in your bed and regain your health.


Rats can now be found onboard your ship. Although this may sound bad, rats can be beneficial to your ship. You’ll be able to see if your ship is absorbing water and will now receive a warning sign from rats when they start crawling up from the deck. You might want to inspect your shipment for any signs of water damage if you observe rats acting like this.

There is an easy way to get rid of if you don’t like rats or want them to leave your ship. Go to the Settings menu to disable them.

Rats! These Rats Could Save Your Ship from the Sea of Thieves


You can now emote using dice. Renown level 5 will unlock dice. You can unlock 6 dice emotes D4, D6, D8, D10 and D12; D20. A D6 die will have six sides. You can find the dice in your Vanity Chest. The dice will be displayed in the hand of your pirate when you roll it. You can zoom in to get a better view.

What are the possibilities for dice? They can be used to create new games, help you make a decision, or decide the outcome of an event. You can do whatever you want with them. You can be creative with them!

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