New Phasmophobia Update Adds Santa Claus - Sort Of

New Phasmophobia Update Adds Santa Claus – Sort Of

New Phasmophobia Update Adds Santa Claus - Sort Of

New Phasmophobia Update Adds Santa Claus – Sort Of

Santa Claus is coming to town. He’s likely hiding in your basement or up that creaking staircase. This is not the beginning of a horror movie. This is just one part of Phasmophobia’s Cursed Possessions Update.

The Gamer spotted the new Dead Santa in his red suit. However, everyone is surprised by the surprise arrival of the jolly man, as he was excluded from the patch notes, aside from the mentions of a strange ghost. It would be best if you did not make any assumptions about his motives. Dead Santa has only one thing in his bag, and that’s you.

The update included Dead Santa and other items, such as a music box, tortured doll, haunted mirr, summoning round, Tarot Cards, and new effects to the Oujia Board. There are also seasonal touches like snow at the campsite.

Several new items were added, including the Cursed Possessions.

Each location will have one of six items randomly selected at the beginning of each contract. You can find multiple spawn points for each item, so start searching!

Cursed Possessions will trade their sanity in exchange for information. However, be aware that these items can have additional adverse effects, so make sure you don’ttanger the ghost.

  • Music box: Many reports show paranormal entities singing along with this haunting tune. You may be surprised by what you see.
  • Tortured Voodoo Doll – Push a pin into a doll to activate a reaction from a ghost. But you might lose more than you gain
  • Haunted Mirror: The visible portal to the spectral realm. Dare you peek inside to see the ghost’ssbedroom?
  • Summoning Circle – Risk your life summoning the ghost to trap you temporarily It will eventually break free if you stay too long
  • Tarot Cards: A deck containing ten random cards each with a unique magical property
  • Ouija Board: A new visual has been added to the Ouija Board’ssCursed Possession classification. To end a conversation with a ghost on the Ouija Board you must say “”oodbye”” or else. Due to the new Cursed Possessions, ghost identity changes and new Cursed Possessions, Nightmare is no longer guaranteed for the Ouija Board. There will be no chance for the Ouija Board to fail questions. The Ouija Board won’ttmake an extra sound for double-letter spellings. Prison, Asylum and High School have all seen a reduction in the number of Ouija Board points.



Phasmophobia has had Nightmare as a success, but some ghosts can be difficult to identify using only two evidences.

Nightmare was never meant to be a guessing game. To combat this, some ghosts have been given new passives, abilities and other adjustments. Most recently, ghosts were added.

  • Shade: The shy ghost hides in plain sight and only shows itself when it is truly needed
  • Poltergeist, the ghost that loves throwing things, beware!
  • Banshee is the singing siren that lures ghost hunters from all over the world. Demon has taken the rare banshee’ssability to hunt at any percentage of sanity, to the Demon
  • Demon: The most dangerous and aggressive ghost we have ever seen
  • Jinn: These ghosts love hiding, and to chase you.
  • Hantu: These ghosts are so empowered by the cold that it’ssbeginning to show
  • Mare: The thing that bumps in the night, thrives in darkness
  • Oni: There are many new sightings. Maybe these ghosts love the fear people feel in their eyes.
  • Yokai: Keep it quiet. You don’ttwant to wake the thing up.
  • Yurei: Master of insane, turning anyone who comes in contact with them into a madman
  • Ghosts will no longer use shadows or translucent forms during hunts.
  • Ghost abilities were adjusted to be more frequent and more consistent.
New Phasmophobia Update Adds Santa Claus – Sort Of
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