Fortnite: How To Get Into Bot Lobbies

Fortnite: How To Get Into Bot Lobbies

Fortnite: How To Get Into Bot Lobbies

Fortnite: How To Get Into Bot Lobbies

Fortnite is one the most difficult games. Not even SBMM can help some players against players with similar skill. Bot lobbies are a great help.

Since Chapter 2 was launched, AI enemies have been part of Fortnite. These bot enemies are a great way to fill out your lobby and build little. They were created to make it quicker and easier to find a match, filling out your lobby automatically without needing to match 99 players with similar skills.

You can learn everything you need about how to get into Fortnite’s bot lobbies: Chapter 3.

Fortnite Bot Lobbies Step-By-Step Guide

Although it is very easy to get into Fortnite’s bot lobbies, there are some additional steps.

You will need two different devices that have Fortnite installed, and two Epic Games accounts. You should connect the second device you aren’t using to Fortnite. It must have a different Level 1 account. This means that it has not completed any matches or earned any XP. Register for a New Epic Games account and then log in to that account from your second device.


– Add your secondary account to your primary account and invite them to your party.
Once they are in your party, you can select them and hit manage, then become party leader.
Start a duos game, and then leave the game with your other account after 15 seconds. They are unable to gain any XP or level up.

If all goes well, you will be able to farm some XP and join a bot lobby. AI will be your enemy opponent as AI is everyone’s first match. You technically are in the match of the other account because they were the party leader.

What Are the Benefits of Bot Lobbies?

Why people make bot lobbybies in Fortnite? It’s about being able play Fortnite matches without having to exert a lot of effort.

Fortnite matches require you to be extremely switched on due to the many talented players.

Bot lobbies allow players to move around the map, find easter eggs, and win without having to focus. You can also complete all your quests/quests, and level up your Battle Pass without having to worry about fighting other players.

Epic is aware that this is a violation of Fortnite’s “illegal” rules and has not taken any action to address it. Epic has known about the issue for over two years and has never done anything. You’ll be fine.

Fortnite: How To Get Into Bot Lobbies
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