Minecraft offers four weeks of freebies

Minecraft offers four weeks of freebies

Minecraft offers four weeks of freebies

Minecraft offers four weeks of freebies.

No matter what version of Minecraft you use, there are great gifts for the holidays. These include skin packs, character creator items, and maps.

Mojang has revealed their plans to welcome in the new year by giving away four weeks’ worth of rewards in a news article posted on the Minecraft site. This coincides perfectly with the announcement of Minecraft content reaching one billion views on Youtube. The first Bedrock edition is also free.

All Minecraft Marketplace gifts free for the Bedrock edition

Minecraft Creators Skin Pack Free

Mojang has released the first gift for Bedrock edition players, a pack with 12 skins based on the best Minecraft YouTubers. This will allow you to transform your Bedrock avatar into LogDotZip and LDShadowLady. This is part of the celebration that Minecraft has reached an amazing one trillion views on YouTube.

You can get your YouTube Creators Skin Pack from Spark Universe, the team behind the amazing YouTube milestone announcement video. Head to the Minecraft Marketplace on Windows PC or console. You can find the pack either in your menu or search for it. Then, download it! It’s that simple. The description will then allow you to equip your favorite skin.


Daily Character Creator Items

Mojang is giving away a new character creator every day between December 21st, 2021 and January 17th, 2022, if these YouTuber skins aren’t what you want.

You can access the Character Creator from your Bedrock Edition launch page. It allows you to create unique Minecraft skins from various customization items, both paid and free. You can claim a free item each day during the Christmas event. This includes tops, footwear, and even face items.

Weekly Minecraft maps for free

You can also get a free map once per week in the giveaway, on top of all the customization options. The Marketplace will launch a new free map every week on December 21st and 28th. It will also be available on January 4th, January 4th and January 11th. Make sure to visit the Marketplace at least once per week to get each new map. Although the map’s creators are still unknown, we know they were created by Shapescape and Razzleberry.

Seasonal sale for two weeks

The Minecraft Bedrock sale will be held for two weeks, from December 21st, 2021, to January 4th, 2022. The prices for some amazing Marketplace content will drop by a third, and one new item every day will be discounted by 75%.

Minecraft offers four weeks of freebies
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